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posted Monday, 29 August 2011

It's veto meeting day, and SHOCKER! Rachel vetoed herself and Jordan, and Porsche repl-nom'ed her only remaining choice, Adam and Shelly. Campaigning was subtle, but still present. Kalia and Porsche (or PorKa, as some are now calling them), probably realizing that they were never going to get Rachel and Jordan (RaJo) to kick Adam, have convinced themselves in the last 24 hours that Shelly needs to go. When they started pitching the kick Shelly plan to RaJo, they got a bit nervous, thinking that maybe they were about to get played. Jordan pulled Adam aside and gave him a stern lecture about how mad she was going to be if he screwed her and Rachel over. He promised he was firmly on their side and regrets jumping ship to the Newbies when it looked like the re-runs were over (he just didn't have enough faith in producer manipulation). They ended up shaking on the deal again, it's not a pinky swear, but it's something. Jordan keeps saying Adam's face is so easy to read that she's confident she can trust him. She also hinted to him that if comes down to a choice for her between him and Rachel at F2, she'd take him. She made no promises, just told him that it wasn't as if he had no hope if they were the F3.


Later on everyone but Shelly sat down outside and started swapping stories. They confirmed what we've known for a while now, that Shelly has been owning them all. There was a very funny moment when Kalia was saying that she got really mad at Brendon because of the time she "heard him call [her] a bitch." Rachel asked when the heck that was, and when Kalia started to answer she suddenly gasped and then burst out laughing. She realized that she never actually heard him say it; Shelly told her. PorKa came to the same conclusion that I pointed out yesterday, that Shelly is playing Will's game. This has made them realize that if she gets to the end, there's precedent for her to win. Adam, on the other hand, is playing for second place. He's not won many comps, and he's floated socially, without the manipulation game. That's why he would be a good choice for Jordan in F2. They're in similar spots, but she can argue that she played the way she did deliberately. It also struck me today that if Rachel and Jordan can manage to stay together, they really are a great team. Jordan's got the social game, and Rachel's got the comp skills.

kalia porsche

After the trash-Shelly session, Rachel proposed the option of keeping Shelly as a "big target." Jordan very calmly said it was an interesting idea and they should think about it, but immediately went on to state about five reasons why that was a horrible plan. This is where Jordan's social game is really starting to show. She reads people really well, but she doesn't force her opinion down anyone's throat, just gently makes her points. Rachel also started talking about how Adam would be harder to beat in the end comps. and Jordan took the opportunity to point out how many comps she won at the end of BB11, saying "everyone thought I was stupid, but I still won a lot." Not to put too fine a point on it, but she won more comps in season 11 than Rachel did in 12, not to mention the only one that really matters.

jordan rachel

For most of the trash-Shelly session, Shelly herself was alone on the other feeds playing with Josie's puppy. This was just too ironic, since the discussion that really got the rest of them going was talking about all the missing stuff in the house. They talked about Shelly telling Jordan about Brendon's duckie being hidden by Porsche in the HOH toilet tank, and how Shelly was the one to find the chess pieces and a lot of the other missing things. Kalia admits that she and Daniele hid the random stuff, but denies the chess pieces. She initially says she thinks Shelly hid the chess pieces herself, but when Rachel and Jordan both say they really think it was Dani, Kalia allows that "maybe" it was (she knows full well it was). Kalia also comments how she's careful not to lie about this stuff, just watch her wording. So, she'll say that she didn't take the chess pieces and just not volunteer that she was an eyewitness to Dani taking them. Sort of like when Dani kept telling Jeff that his name never came out of her mouth as a target when Kalia was HOH. It didn't, she kept calling him "number 2."

shelly puppy

As a slight aside, that reminds me of one of the best lines I heard all summer, from someone on Twitter back when Dani had her first HOH:

"I love how Jordan keeps calling Daniele "whats-her-name" like she's Voldemort or something."

Anyway, Rachel didn't think to take the opportunity to question Kalia lawyer style about her own puppy. (Do you know who took it? Has anyone told you where it is?) Shelly has threatened to take it with her to jury, but Jordan said that during BB11 when someone tried to pack another HG's stuff in their bag, BB took it out and returned it, so I don't think Shelly will get out of the house without it. I'm actually hoping that Shelly has an attack of conscience and just returns it.

shel rachel

In other news, Rachel is officially not pregnant. She took a test today, even though she's not actually as late as she seems to think she is (it's really pathetic that people out here are more aware of her cycle than she is). She did say to Jordan that she wouldn't have been disappointed with the other result, but this does give her one less thing to worry about. Of course it's funny. Shelly's been bringing up the fact that she's a mom as a reason why people should be less hard on her. When she was complaining about people calling her a bitch, and saying that it's worse to do that to someone who has a kid, I kept wondering if that meant she'd stop calling Rachel that if she really was about to become a mom. Or at least give her back her frikkin' puppy!!

news jordo

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