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posted Sunday, 28 August 2011

Late last night, Shelly asked Jordan if they could talk "and not about the game." Jordan said sure and they sat down in the HN room. The first one to speak was Jordan and she started with an apology for blowing up on Thursday night. She went on for a bit about how embarrassed she was and how she shouldn't have been disrespectful, but just was just very hurt. Shelly started crying and kept pushing the point that she had to do what was right for her family. However, at the same time she was continually bringing up how much she loved Jordan and how she would like nothing more than to see her win. It's very contradictory. On the one hand, Shelly keeps saying that she doesn't need the money and early on she told Jeff and Jordan if they got to F3 together she'd be thrilled and would step aside. Now she's saying she couldn't live with putting herself in 3rd place, so she kicked Jeff. I guess her point to Jordan is supposed to be that if she gets to F2 with Jordan, at least she gets something. But I can't help but wonder if she's not going to soon be saying that she can't have Jordan in the way of her winning the whole game.

talk shel

Regardless, they go round and round a bit, Shelly trying to explain why she did what she did, and Jordan trying to explain that she wasn't so upset by what was done, but more so by the lies. She says a couple of times that if Shelly had come to them and explained her position they would have understood and not felt so betrayed. Personally, I believe Jordan. When Shelly did come to her and say that she couldn't beat JeJo in the end, Jordan said, well you have to do what is best for you, and asked if she was switching her vote. Shelly said "no, no, no." I'm not saying they wouldn't have tried to talk her back to their side, but at least they wouldn't have felt backstabbed. But in the end there were apologies and acceptances from both sides and they ended in hugs. Who knows if this conversation would have happened if it weren't for the twist and the veto outcome.

hugs tears

Today Shelly approached both Rachel and Jordan and pitched a deal. If they keep her this week, she'll throw HOH and support them. Jordan kept pretty quiet, but the look on her face did not say "trust" to me. Rachel asked a few questions, mostly along the lines of if she hadn't won the veto would Shelly be listening to what they had to say? Shelly, naturally, said yes, but I don't think anyone believed her.

jordan shelly

Jordan and Rachel then sat down and had a long talk about the pros and cons of Shelly versus Adam. In the end they decided that they can't trust Shelly and so she has to go. Adam came in to talk to them next and they let him make his pitch. He pretty much played things as straight as he could, pointing out that he never turned against them. They asked him about a lot of the deals they've been told that he has, and he admitted everything. Since they already knew it was all true, they really appreciated his honesty. He also said he wouldn't throw comps, but he would make a deal not to nom them, etc. That warmed Rachel's heart, and she told him about Shelly's offer to throw the next HOH and said that anyone who offers to throw comps can't be trusted in her book.

adam rachel

Meanwhile, Kalia and Porsche are starting to realize that their hope of keeping Shelly is probably a lost cause, and so they're starting to work out how it will be okay for them to stick with Adam. They wanted Shelly because, a.) they see her as more on their side since she voted with them twice on Thursday, and b.) they don't think she'll ever win a single competition. Rachel and Jordan did realize that if Shelly makes it to F3 and manages to win one of the first 2 parts of the final HOH, she'll have an excellent chance in part 3 since she talked to everybody all summer.

porsche kalia

About the show: best Sunday show ever! It was great to be able to see what went down the last few hours before the liveshow. The best moment for me was Shelly coming in and asking Adam (in front of Jeff) if he had told Jeff about the plan, Adam saying no, and Shelly saying "yes you did!" And since this was the first Jeff had heard that there was a plan, Shelly pretty much outed herself. If it hadn't been for the double-eviction, this would have been one hell of a dramatic week with what would have exploded between Jeff and Shelly. And the setup for the week for the TVOVs was great. Not getting nominations on a Sunday show is pretty much unheard of, but since anyone paying attention would know that it's going to be Jordan and Rachel, and it is all about the veto, it makes sense for once to hold it all for Wednesday.

jordan rachel

Repl-noms are a done deal tomorrow, but it's a long time until Thursday and don't think the campaigning is over. Shelly's talks a really good game, so don't count her out just yet. What a lot of people aren't recognizing about Shelly is that she's playing a very similar game to Dr. Will's. Never winning competitions, playing all sides of the house, and lying to just about everybody. Problem is that Shelly doesn't quite have Will's charm. The other big difference is that instead of trying to make everyone like him, Will tried to get everyone to hate him. The great thing about that strategy is that it can't backfire. If people realize you're manipulating them all, they're just going to hate you more.



Lines of the Day

Shelly: I am not going to play both sides of the house.
Adam: My arms are hurting from getting pulled [between the 2 sides of the house].
Adam: If you want, tell Shelly you're going to keep her and let her be shocked on Thursday. Maybe she deserves that.
Rachel: She does deserve that, but I wouldn't do it.
Adam: Shelly told me she became team Dani when she came and ate dinner outside her door that night.
Jordan: Oh really?
(It clearly didn't escape Jordan's notice that at the exact moment Shelly should have been most grateful to Jordan, she was beginning her moves of betrayal. )
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