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fortune favors the brave

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posted Saturday, 27 August 2011

The POV comp was held later than usual today, most likely because of 100°F+ temps. Most of the HGs spent the day stressing, wondering what the comp was going to be, and talking about how they had to win. At one point Jordan said to Rachel that they should just stop speculating; every time they get an idea into their heads about what the comps are going to be and then they walk out to find something else, all the stressing is just a waste.


At one point Shelly starts to get some movement out of the fortune teller in the purple room. Her eyes light up and her head bobbles around a bit, but she doesn't say anything. Shelly becomes convinced, or at least desperately hopeful, that she's about to get some kind of magical power from the FT. As far as I can gather, it wasn't as if the FT started spontaneously moving, but just that Shelly turned it on and hit the right buttons. Someone (I can't remember who, but I think it was Rachel or Dani) figured the same thing out really early on, so the whole thing is probably meaningless. But Shelly spends quite some time begging for a power or a clue to come out of the fortune teller's mouth. Something to keep her safe. She's clearly not thinking about how BB works. The only way people get things are by winning them in a comp, either directly, or indirectly like an HOH getting something from Pandora's Box, or from an America's vote. BB has never given out powers or other kinds of help when it wasn't at least slightly feasible that everyone had a fair shot. Just happening to wander by the purple room isn't going to cut it.

shel FT

They go off behind the trivia around 5:30 BBT and we come back a couple hours later to Rachel and Jordan talking about being safe. Rachel won the POV! The comp was a semi-endurance thing where they were hanging on the backs of dummies representing their original duo partners. There were several jokes about how Rachel has lots of practice hanging all over Brendon. Apparently the whole thing only last 30 minutes, and they all think BB expected it to go way longer. They said they saw setups for things like water and wind and other "deterrents" that never came into play.

rajo rachel

A number of them are a bit worse for the wear after the comp. Shelly's back (she has pre-existing back issues) is bothering her and she's sort of limping. Kalia's arm is scraped up and she has it wrapped in gauze. Rachel says her arm is scraped up too, but she doesn't care. She and Jordan are just super-thrilled that they're safe. Porsche will have no choice but to repl-nom Shelly and Adam, so now it's all about campaigning. Porsche/Kalia really want to keep Shelly because they think she'll be easier to beat in the end. Jordan and Rachel are, of course, all about kicking Shelly.

kalia adam

At one point Kalia says something to Jordan about Shelly, and Jordan responds that it isn't just about her evicting Jeff, it's also that she lied all week to them saying that she was on board to kick Dani, and then it comes out that she was campaigning the whole time to flip the house. Jordan explains that Jeff only backdoored Dani because everyone said they were on board; if anyone had reservations he wouldn't have done it (ignore the unspoken implication that Kalia would have gone in that case). But basically it feels like not only did Shelly go against the alliance, but she intentionally set Jeff up. This conversation takes place in the dining room at normal conversational volume, and seconds later Shelly walks in from the living room. There's basically no way she didn't hear what was said. She taps Jordan on the shoulder, and for a second I was expecting another fight like Thursday's. But what a difference a POV makes. Shelly just says "congratulations" (meaning on the veto). Jordan says "thanks, but you should really congratulate her [Rachel]." Shelly says she already did; Rachel confirms. Jordan goes back into icy silence toward Shelly (well, icy for Jordan. It would be lukewarm for most people). But Shelly's being much calmer and friendlier than she's been the last few days. And Jordan, being who she is, is perfectly polite.

jordan shel

Shelly earlier told Kalia and Porsche that she knows she's going, but she still takes care to trash anyone and everyone. Her favorite target is, of course, Rachel. She says she'll take Rachel's puppy with her to jury. She also offers to kick Rach in the shins on the way out to hurt her chances in HOH. She's kidding of course, but P/K do tell her to be sure to zing Rachel in her eviction speech to throw her off. Porsche suggests that Shelly say (on live TV) that she'll tell Brendon Rachel's pregnant. Shelly says she won't do that; she doesn't want to get sued for slander.

porsche kalia


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