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posted Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Anyone who's paying attention has a pretty good idea that the return of the duo twist was custom made to save Rachel and Jordan. I suppose it's possible that would have been the result of Pandora's Box no matter what had happened last week, but it sure worked out awfully conveniently. And then it was followed by a veto where the only way Rachel wasn't going to win was if she slept through her alarm that morning.

rachel jordan

The course of the week seemed set before the twist and after the twist and veto, it seems equally set, just in a different direction. But BB doesn't have to worry about not having an interesting show this week. Ever since the veto meeting Rachel has been seeming to waffle on whether to keep Shelly or Adam. No matter how far she seems to swing toward keeping Shelly, the minute she starts trying to explain the pros to Jordan, the argument quickly falls apart. It occurs to me that even if she's dead set on kicking Shelly, she's doing BB a favor by giving them misdirection fodder. Great way to repay the prods for keeping her around.

porsche adam

In other news, Shelly finally did return Rachel's dog. After a morning chat that Shelly walked away from with the impression that Rachel was seriously considering voting to keep her, she went and retrieved the puppy from its hiding place inside the Kleenex box and tucked under Rachel's pillow. Nice little bribe? Of course, if Rachel figures out that Shelly is the puppy fairy, that's just one more reason to kick her on Thursday. But we're all anxiously awaiting the moment of discovery.

puppynapper kalia

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