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hang in there

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posted Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Despite all the waffle chatter, I still say the outcome of this week was decided the minute Rachel was the last one hanging in during the POV comp. Shelly sealed her own fate when she backstabbed Jeff. No matter what she says now about staying loyal to RaJo if they keep her, they'll remember what she did to the alliance she'd been swearing allegiance to all summer. So why would she now stay true to the girl she's been hating on all summer? The sad thing for Shelly is that if she'd kept Jeff and kicked Rachel, she'd be in a much better place right now. But she made her choice, and now she's paying, as she keeps saying, the ultimate price. It's been annoying me when she says that; she's not dying. But I suppose, in the BB sense she is, so I'll let it go.

Rachel Shelly

Both Adam and Shelly do continue to campaign to Rachel and Jordan. They've both realized that Kalia's vote doesn't matter a bit since RaJo are clearly sticking together. It's all more of the same we've been hearing all week, so not worth rehashing again. The only new idea the girls had was to tell Kalia they were going to vote out Adam so she would, but then they vote out Shelly. Their thinking is that it would be the final nail in any allegiance between Adam and Kalia. It's actually not a bad idea. She votes out Shelly anyway, what do they care and it proves she doesn't trust them and they can't trust her. And even if she convinces Adam that RaJo set her up, she's still the one who voted against him.

adam jordan

Sorry the last few entries have been so dull...there's just nothing going on in the house right now. Hopefully things will pick up tomorrow. Our best hope for that is anyone but Kalia win HOH. If Kalia wins, it's just this week all over again, but without the twist to save us.

porsche kalia

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