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girl, you don't even know

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posted Thursday, 1 September 2011

What did I say about the misdirect fodder? From the way Rachel and Jordan were portrayed on the show, the TVOVs probably thought there was a reasonable chance they were going to keep Shelly. So, the prods can consider it payback for the twist. But, as they say, payback's a bitch... and Rachel and Jordan repaid every bitchy thing Shelly did to them all summer. In full. It also seems RaJo followed through with their misdirect plan with Kalia and had her vote the wrong way. One thing that maybe no one considered (I didn't until after I wrote yesterday's blog) is that if Kalia makes it to F2, she might have Shelly's vote, being the only one who vote to keep her. By the same token, Shelly's eviction speech was a riot. Literally turning her back on Kalia, and saying Jordan and Rachel are the only people who matter this week. The expressions from both Kalia and Adam were great, as were the giggles from the audience.

kalia adam

So, Shelly's kicked on a 2-1 vote and she trots out to chat with Julie. Shelly handled her talk pretty well, admitting that she made mistakes, but still standing behind her reasons for what she did. The bit about the ring was pretty funny. Rachel's no fool and she has been on to Shelly the Liar for weeks. She must have known that there's no way Shelly would offer her anything of real value as collateral. Not to mention the fact that Rachel was never going to keep her anyway, so she wouldn't take the bribe. At least she got her puppy back. Shelly's "puppy" gave Rachel the hint to look under her pillow and they were reunited the other night.


As usual, the jury house is fast becoming more interesting than the BB house. It's always sort of fun to see the banished HGs get some satisfaction when the next juror shows up. As Brendon said, it works out either way. If a friend shows up, you have someone to hang with, and if an enemy shows up you have someone to laugh at. I do feel bad for Jeff that he stabo-tooled himself in the POV comp. I saw the shoe off to the side during the liveshow and knew he was pretty much done then and there. The only hope was if he had spotted it when running back after depositing the other one, but he wasn't looking for it, and I think it was too far back to be seen from the front anyway. The half million dollar clown shoe.


Anyway, back in the BB house, the HOH comp was looking like Rachel's from the beginning, and sure enough, when the feeds come back, she's HOH. Jordan's beating herself up a bit. She's afraid Rachel's going to see her as a "sucky partner" when Rachel had to save them both with the veto, and now Jordan couldn't do her part and win HOH. Plus she really wanted to win this week so Rachel could play in the next comp, which they think will be Q&A. But, next week is all about the POV, so it doesn't really matter.


As far as noms, Rachel's saying she's still unsure about Adam, but it sounds like she's going to go ahead and nom Porshe and Kalia, rather than risk leaving one of them off the block and having a chance to win, save the other, and force Rachel to repl-nom Jordan. Jordan does ask Rachel if they should target Porsche to split up her and Adam, but Rachel says Kalia's got to go because otherwise she will kick Rachel at her first opportunity. Kalia's also quite arguably the strongest competitor of the 3. If she pulls out the POV win this week, she's got a really got chance to win all the marbles.

porsche rachel

We're getting down to the wire, and it seems the schedule will go something like this: tomorrow they'll have noms and Pandora's Box for Sunday's show. Rumour has it the "celebrity twist" involves Tori Spelling. People are thinking Adam was meant to win HOH, but it could be that the celeb will be a prize for the house, and the HOH will get something bad. Especially since the last PB was good for the HOH. Whatever happens, Rachel's probably not at risk of getting the worst PB ever. I'm pretty sure Britney wrapped that up for all eternity when Jessie popped out last year. They'll play POV as usual on Saturday, but the "live" show will be taped on Tuesday to air Wednesday. If I had to guess, veto ceremony, eviction and F4 HOH will all happen during an extended feedblock Tuesday evening until after the Wednesday show airs. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but that seems to be the M.O. of recent seasons. I realized this evening that literally half of the HOHs this season have been undecided at the end of the liveshow, leaving the TVOVs hanging until Sunday. It got me wondering if structuring it that way increases feed subscriptions and Showtime ratings. If I'm right, then they'd be smart to not block the feeds.

block1 trees

Wednesday will probably be the F4 POV, then the veto ceremony and the eviction will be live on Thursday. It's possible the F4 POV comp might even be on the liveshow. The good news is that we hopefully won't be robbed of the F3 endurance, since that should start at the end of next Thursday's show. Final HOH Part II will probably be next Saturday, then Part III, F3 eviction and, of course, jury questions, votes, and the Big Winner will all be on the finale on 9/14.

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