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tori spelling kissed my duck!

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posted Friday, 2 September 2011

BB surprises are getting less and less shocking to those with Twitter accounts. Soon after the celeb twist to Pandora's Box was announced last night, an official BB tweet came out saying one of the HGs was going to particularly happy and speculation ran rampant that Tori Spelling would be in the house. And it turns out that my prediction was pretty much dead on: the PB was not good for HOH Rachel, and the rest of them, most importantly Adam, got to hang out with Tori. (If Adam had won HOH, think BB would have twisted things around? If not Adam would have been devastated.) I was wrong about one thing: Rachel's fate wasn't better than Britney' was the same. Really Big Brother? Zippy the Pinhead was brought back again? It could be entertaining to watch Rachel laugh at him; it seems like she was pretty amused by his visit. And while Rachel was trapped with Jessie, the rest of them got a clothing grab luxury, along with the celeb visit. Adam was beside himself happy, and thanked Rachel quite sincerely for opening the Box. Rach said she wasn't going to, after what happened to Porsche last week, but I'm betting she was "prodded" into it.

thanks, Rach! zippy, really?

Rachel also had the traditional HOH chats with her options for noms. Kalia promised her everything from the moon and stars to her first born, offering a F2 deal, and playing up the "you want competitors in the game" angle. Rachel let her cycle through her points, but it seems pretty clear that more than Rachel wants competitors to stay in the game, she wants Rachel to stay in the game. It's sort of like Adam saying he wants a newbie to win. Doesn't mean he wants any old newbie to win; he wants a particular newbie, i.e. himself, to win. And as for the F2 deal, Rachel knows Kalia has made that offer to everyone in the house, and a few that are no longer in the house, so it's worthless.


When Porsche comes in for her turn this afternoon, Rachel lets her know how quickly Kalia dropped her allegiance to Porsche in an attempt to save herself. Porsche tries to bring back the bond she had with Rachel early on, but that doesn't get her very far. Rachel reminds her how quickly she jumped ship to go get on board the S.S. Dani. Not to mention the fact that she nom'ed Rachel last week. Porsche pushes the fact that she doesn't want to be on the block come eviction time, she thinks she'll leave over Kalia. Rachel sort of hints that she must be high to think that. Then she asks if she were to not nom Porsche and P. wins the veto, would she save Kalia? Porsche, who apparently is stoned or something, hesitates a lot and finally says that she just wouldn't want to win the POV. Uh, wrong answer.


Rachel then goes and grabs Jordan and tells her she's still thinking one of the girls has to go, but she's no longer sure who's the bigger threat. They gather up Adam and head up to HOH. The 3 of them reconfirm their deal from last week. RaJo saved Adam so he promises to try to win POV, promises he won't use it if he gets it, and he still needs to be with them next week. He confirms he wants F3 with them. He also emphasizes that Kalia has got to go this week. He sees her as by far the bigger threat at this point in the game, because she tends to do well in question comps. They're assuming the next HOH will be questions, and they all figure Jordan/Adam stand a better chance against Porsche than Kalia.

jordan adam

Sure enough, Rachel nominates Kalia and Porsche. They're on lockdown, and everyone's assuming it's until POV tomorrow. They're also thinking it will be the OTEV comp, and they could be right. Another possibility is morph-o-matic, but BB's been holding that one until later in the season in recent years. RaJo basically want to see anyone but Kalia win veto. Everyone's starting to think about the end game now. If Kalia gets POV, she's got a good shot at the next HOH, which guarantees her F3. And Adam continues to be in the best spot for now. He's pretty safe this week, and regardless of who wins the next HOH, he's probably safe. Whichever's left Kalia/Porsche would target Rachel/Jordan, and Jordan/Rachel would return the favor. And probably any of them, with the possible exception of Rachel, would take him to the end. He's probably playing for second place, but it's something. And besides, Tori Spelling kissed his duck today, so he's already won.


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