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better than expected

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posted Saturday, 3 September 2011

The HGs spent most of the morning stressing over the veto comp, wondering what comp it would be, studying what they thought would help, and wondering what would happen if different people won. Last night Jordan said something to Adam about what would happen if he won POV. He said something about saving Porsche, and Jordan said "then I would go up." It actually seemed like Adam hadn't through that through, because he started to say "not necessarily." He quickly backed off, but it made Jordan nervous. So, this morning she pulled Rachel aside and asked what she thought about kicking Porsche this week to split up her and Adam. I think that made Rachel a little nervous because Kalia's a bigger threat to her, and since Kalia and Jordan had an early safety agreement, they could team up against her.

jordan rachel

So Rachel goes and checks in with Adam and he says he was totally joking with Jordan, and he realizes he shouldn't have said something like that with so much on the line right now. He promises that he is with RaJo 100% and he won't use the veto if he wins it. I was figuring he would just be sure not to win it so he didn't end up having to make that choice. So I was pretty surprised when the feeds came back and it turns out that Adam has won the POV. But then we find out that it was OTEV and Jordan went out first, Rachel second, and Kalia third, so Adam either had to win, or he'd be the repl-nom. Later on we learn that Porsche had actually come back to OTEV first, but realized she had the wrong answer and went back. I'm not sure if Adam was actually going to let her win, feeling confident that he'd stay against Kalia or what.

rachel please

Shortly after the comp, Kalia asked Adam what his plan was, and he asked her why she voted to evict him. She tried to explain how RaJo set her up, and that she thought she was voting with the house. Adam also brought up the fact that everyone and their brother knew about their F2 deal. Kalia realizes that getting him to save her is a lost cause, and tells him he could always save Porsche. In the end he tells her he's not going to use it. Porsche's a little nervous, but she has Adam's assurance that he's going to keep her, and she gets a promise from Rachel that if it's a tie, Rach will keep her. It's not necessary, because Jordan's likely going to kick Kalia, but Porsche's worried about their original deal.

kalia porsche

It turns out that before the comp Adam gave Jordan his g/f Fara's star of David pendant that he's been wearing all season as collateral to assure her he won't use the veto and force Rachel to nom her. Jordan says that really makes her trust him, and says she'll give it back. He tells her, give it back after I don't use the veto. Unlike Shelly's CZ ring, I think this is the real deal. When Adam says that his true alliance is the one he made week 2 with JeJo, and going with the newbies last week was a mistake, I believe him. He also probably really does believe that Jordan will take him to F2 over Rachel. Adam's in a much better position with Jordan and Porsche staying in the game than with Kalia and Porsche.


None of this is stopping Kalia from campaigning like crazy. She makes a pitch to Adam, telling him that he needs to stay loyal to his alliance. Of course, the ironic thing is that Adam's real alliance at this point is with RaJo, and maybe he's also got something with Porsche. The one person still in the house he doesn't have an alliance with is Kalia. She also pushes the "you want a newbie to win" ploy. Again, Adam wants a particular newbie to win, himself. If he ended up in F2 against Kalia, she'd beat him, no question. As a backup plan, Kalia starts to campaign to Jordan to vote for her to stay. She keeps bringing up their safety deal. Again ironic since she's just been talking to Adam and Porsche about a plan to kick Jordan. To be fair, in Kalia's plan she wouldn't actually vote to evict Jordan since she'd be on the block next to her, but still.

adam kalia

Jordan calmly explains to Kalia how she's a big threat in the game, especially at the end. Kalia turns on the waterworks and complains (in a perfect Daniele homage) that "it's not faaaair" that being a better competitor is going to get her kicked. Jordan says that's probably how Daniele and Jeff felt, which should remind Kalia that she just got Jordan's b/f kicked 2 weeks ago, and that's not okay. After this convo, Kalia realizes she's pretty much cooked and takes to her bed. We get a few minutes of sobbing and a lot of self pitying. I imagine she won't give up until Julie sings, so expect more campaigning for the next few days. But I also don't think there's much chance of anything changing.

jordan kalia

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