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enduring kalia

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posted Sunday, 4 September 2011

One thing you've got to give Kalia--she's tenacious. Despite the fact that she lost the veto, and Adam has pretty much flat out told her he's not going to use it, she's not giving up. She made sure to be up as early as possible this morning so she could corner him during his morning cigarette and run through her spiel again. She's also not let up on Jordan, giving her the "keep me over Porsche" plea.

kalia enduring

Kalia's completely oblivious to the fact that not only is this a lost cause, she's actually making her situation worse. Since Adam and Jordan talk to each other, every time she makes a pitch about getting Jordan nom'ed and out, Adam clues Jordan in. And the more she hears about how Kalia's trying to get rid of her, the less guilty she feels about booting her. And every time Kalia tells Jordan she's all about the girl-power alliance, Jordan goes back and tells Adam and he knows Kalia's All-Newbies plan is questionable.

jordan porsche

Porsche's not out of the fight either, she has asked Adam a couple times to veto her, once half-jokingly, right in front of Jordan. Jordan immediately says "no! then I'll go home." The interesting thing about Jordan's protests is that they counteract one of Kalia's arguments, namely that Jordan doesn't want to be there. Porsche also had a chat with Jordan this afternoon, mentioning her deal with Kalia. Jordan didn't come right out and say it was null and void, but she did tell Porsche not to make any assumptions. Porsche also went way back to week whatever when Jeff got mad at her about the knock-out (putting 2 of their alliance against each other instead of targeting Kalia) as an explanation for why she wasn't with JeJo since way back when. I don't think Jordan even remembers what Jeff was upset about, so she didn't really say anything in response.

porsche rachel

In the end, nothing has really changed. Adam's still not planning to use the veto, and they're all still planning on kicking Kalia. Since she's the only one not in on the plan, she's still stalking them all to campaign. She's also such a champion speed-talker that once she's got them, they're trapped for hours. Livefeeders are also so over all her speeches that it's not even funny. It's become a game of dodging Kalia for both the HGs and the feeders. Kalia's also said that she's going to try to get in Adam's ear first thing tomorrow in attempt to be the last one to talk to him before the POV ceremony. She thinks she's getting through to him because he told her at one point that she was making some good arguments and his mind isn't made up yet. I think he told her that in an attempt to shut her up, but it just encouraged her. The other problem is that it's a distinct possibility that the BB staff will be taking the holiday tomorrow, and with the live eviction being taped on Tuesday, they'd just hold the veto ceremony until then. The upside of that is it gets Kalia out of the house two days sooner than expected. Downside, of course, is that it means enduring her campaigning for an extra day.

adam kalia

A few words on the show.... the Sunday shows are getting a bit better, I think. Or maybe I've just become desensitized to their pointlessness. The pre-nom chats, and actual nomination stuff really was pointless, but the Pandora's Box bits were decent. It was really great to see Adam's reaction to Tori Spelling. I honestly don't understand that kind of obsessive fandom, but since he's clearly got it, nothing could be better than meeting his idol. And Rachel with Jessie was pretty funny too. As I expected, Rachel handled him as well as anyone could expect. She was unimpressed but wasn't rude about it. And I actually have to give Jessie a tiny bit of credit. He's got to know how he's seen by BB fans, and he keeps coming back and playing his role. And I did laugh at him piling all the Mr. Pectacular swag on top of Rachel as she's bemoaning not getting to go on the shopping spree.


I'm fully expecting an extended feed outage starting sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening and continuing until after the Wednesday show airs. I'm still hoping I'm wrong, but it's been the way they've done things the last several years when we had a taped "live" show. The only saving grace this year is we're missing out on the F4 HOH results instead of the F3 endurance comp. And even though I know no one who matters cares what I think, I'll say what I always do when they do this. It's stupid. Livefeeders always know what's going on before the shows air, and we still watch. You're not gaining anything by blocking the feeds; all you're doing is pissing off your most loyal fans.


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