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it's not over until Kalia's allowed to sing

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posted Monday, 5 September 2011

Kalia's been the worst offender in the "please STOP singing" category this season (though I will say she's been much better since they threatened her with a penalty nom). So she should be happy once she's out of there and can sing her little heart out. That's only one of the many reasons I hope she goes this week. But she's not going without a fight.


They had the veto meeting right on the regular schedule. As planned, Adam did not use the veto, despite last minute campaigning from Kalia. When they came back, she was sitting alone in the HN room. Adam and Porsche were talking in the purple room and he was assuring her that his choice to leave the noms the same was not about her. Kalia still can't believe that Adam didn't stick with "his alliance" and she's started calling him the biggest coward to ever play the game.

kalia porsche

After a bit, Kalia goes up to HOH and attacks Rachel with one of her now-patented Kalia endurance campaign speeches. She gives Rachel the "you said you want competitors in the game" argument. She offers a F3 deal with Rachel, herself, and Jordan. Rachel points out that Kalia's made deals with just about everybody and she has broken a lot of them. Kalia says that her handshake deals are the ones she's serious about and extends her hand. Rachel won't take it. Apparently Kalia's week 1 or 2 deal with Jordan was a handshake, and she brings up that she's never broken it. Of course, she full well planned to break it, just never had to. Kalia also talks a lot about how much she can't stand Adam at this point and promises that if she stays, he will be her number one target. She also says she will absolutely win HOH and POV, which is supposed to be an incentive, but really, if Rachel's paying attention, that's an argument against keeping Kalia. It really comes down to a question for Rachel. Does she want to stick to her principle of wanting strong competitors to be rewarded, or does she want to win the game? After a lot of discussion about how competitors always get knocked out of BB, Rachel starts to think maybe Kalia should stay. Kalia offers another handshake, and Rachel again declines, saying she has to get Jordan on board first.

rachel shake

When she first presents the plan to Jordan, she almost seems to be going for it. She really seems to have a personal issue with Porsche. For the last few days, Jordan keeps saying she only knows 5 things about Porsche: she loves her dad, lives in Miami, has a pseudo-boyfriend named Julian, wants to be a TV host, and wears bikinis. I keep saying that other than that last one, that's a pretty decent amount of general knowledge. What more does she want, her shoe size? Whatever the case, Jordan thinks Porsche has "an attitude" and as a result Jordan's a little snarky to Porsche, so Porsche has issues with her too. But at the end of it, Jordan decides that while she might like Kalia better, she thinks Porsche's the weaker player. She also gets Rachel back around to seeing that they've got a better chance at F3 with Kalia gone than with Porsche gone.

toss porsche

They call Adam up and get him to once again confirm that he's with them to the end. He swears that he is, and promises that if he has a choice next week between one of them and Porsche, he will choose them. I sort of tend to believe him, because he hasn't made similar promises to Porsche. Every time I hear him talking to Porsche he tells her that she has to control her own fate and the only way to get where she needs to be is to win comps. They get back on the kick Kalia bandwagon, and then Jordan asks if she should give Kalia a "sympathy" vote. Rachel says that she basically thinks sympathy votes are stupid, but Jordan should do whatever she feels is best for her. It's not really a sympathy vote Jordan's talking about, it's a stick-to-our-deal vote. Since Kalia never technically broke their deal, Jordan's a little worried she's going to look bad if she does. It seems like as long as she's comfortable that Adam is going to vote out Kalia, and Rachel will break the tie to evict her, Jordan would rather go ahead and vote to evict Porsche.

F3 adam

It really does put Jordan in a better spot. She can say that she never broke the deal, she might hang on to Kalia's jury vote if she makes it to F2, and if Kalia does stay and wins HOH, Jordan can point out that she never broke the deal, so Kalia had better not nom her. Not to mention that after deciding this, when Kalia started to talk to her again, Jordan immediately shut her down with "you don't need to campaign to me, you have my vote." Saves us all having to listen to another speech. Jordan does tell both Adam and Rachel that if it makes them uncomfortable, she will vote out Kalia and not force a tie-breaker. They both say they don't care. Fact is, this puts both of them in a better spot with Porsche. She stays, and if she wins HOH, she'll target Jordan for voting to evict her.


So everyone says/hints to Porsche that she's staying. She knows she's got Adam's vote, and he tells her that RaJo were considering an offer from Kalia, but it wasn't looking good for her (K). Jordan tells her that she's voting to keep Kalia, but "it doesn't matter" because she knows Porsche is staying. She equates it to Porsche voting to keep Brendon the week he was up against Jordan. I don't think Porsche even remembers she voted to evict Jordan that week, just that she was voting to keep Brendon out of loyalty to Brenchel...for all the good it did her. After hearing that it's going to be a tie, Porsche approaches Rachel about the tiebreaker and Rachel asks for assurance that if she keeps Porsche she will keep Rachel safe next week. Porsche agrees and offers a handshake. This one Rachel accepts.

rapo shake

Meanwhile Kalia asks Jordan if she talked with Rachel and if they're good. Jordan says "yeah, yeah." That along with saying that her vote is secure, has Kalia convinced that she's staying. Part of the deal when she pitched this to Rachel was that she wouldn't let on to Adam/Porsche that it was happening and that she would "mope around." Later on Jordan and Rachel notice Kalia studying the memory wall and Jedi drilling like it's her job. Rachel comments she's going to be shocked when she goes. And this, of course, makes for better TV, so the prods are probably happy with the way things are shaking out.


On a side note, this afternoon, in between a lot of palm trees, we got bits of a conversation between Adam and Porsche about some of the things she's been through in life. Family issues, weight issues, etc. I won't get into it, because a.) there's too much game today and b.) it was pretty personal, but I will say that it gave a lot of insight into her. It sort of explained why she's so emotionally guarded and why she connects better with guys than girls. It was interesting timing too with Jordan talking about Porsche having an "attitude." I think what Jordan's picking up on is actually insecurity, and it sounds like Porsche comes by it quite honestly. It was a little thing, but it made me understand her better as a person, and also makes me much happier to see her stay and have a chance at winning over Little Miss I-almost-played-Rudi-on-the-Cosby-Show, Kalia. Every time Kalia gets choked up over the game, I can't help remembering she's a trained actress. And while I'm not one to go with the "who needs the money" test for who should win BB, it certainly sounds like Kalia comes from quite a place of financial security.


BB let them know this afternoon that there's a "live" show and eviction tomorrow. This sent the 2 nominees even further into campaign mode, but was actually welcome news to all of them. The 3 voters are tired of hearing the pleas, and the 2 nominees really do just want it over with. They've also pretty much figured out the rest of the schedule: eviction and HOH tomorrow, POV Wednesday, eviction and start of the final HOH Thursday. They all know that after tomorrow's eviction, it's truly win or go home. Playing track the deals, here's what we have: Rachel and Jordan, F2 deal; Rachel/Jordan/Adam, F3 deal; Porsche/Rachel, Rach saves Porsche this week, P. keeps Rach. safe next week. So everybody is saying they have to win HOH and/or POV. And everyone's praying to the BB gods.... the HGs are praying for wins, and livefeeders are praying for their favorites and for minimal feed blockage.


Lines of the Day

Jordan: We've got til Thursday to decide what to do. We've got a long time.
(about 20 minutes later, BB tells them they have until tomorrow)
Rachel (about production): They could do whatever they want because this is their [cut to palm trees]
Kalia: I've been campaigning for 48 hours straight. I'm a bit tuckered out.
Jordan: Kalia's studying and talking about what competitions we'll have tomorrow and later on. Porsche's worried about she's going to wear. That shows you who's here to compete.
Porsche: She (Kalia) was saying how you were complaining about having to carry Jordan on your back the rest of the way through the game.
Rachel: I never said that!
Porsche: Well, she said you said that.
Kalia: You want to play with Rachel?
Adam: I want to beat Rachel.
Kalia: I talked to Jordan, and she says she's voting for me. Thank you, thank you a million times.
Rachel: I'm not telling you what I'm doing.
Kalia: I know,but...thanks.
Rachel (out of K's earshot): I'm a bad person.
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