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posted Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Fortune Teller finally came to life last night, introduced herself as Crystal, and started spouting predictions about the BB13 HGs, warning the Final 5 that if they failed to pay attention they could not hope to win the upcoming HOH comp. There was one "prediction" for each HG, and most were slight zingers. Lots of numbers and details to memorize. Kalia and Porsche focused on getting the precise wording of the lines, while Adam and Jordan just worked on the "facts." In past years where comps featured quotes, wording was usually important. It would be something like "Jeff was wandering the streets muttering 2 words: clown shoe" vs. "...wandering the streets murmuring 2 words..." Even with the different strategies, it was clear who the top competitors were going to be: Adam and Kalia.

crystal F5

Kalia was completely convinced she was staying. She thanked Rachel a couple of times for working to keep her, even though Rachel kept saying she wasn't confirming what she would do. As soon as the nature of the HOH comp became obvious, Jordan said to Rachel that they definitely needed Kalia out now. Despite that, Jordan was still planning to vote to evict Porsche and force a tie-breaker. At one point Rachel asked if she was sure that was the best plan; what if Adam flipped for some reason? Jordan said again she wouldn't do it if Rachel was worried, but Rachel again told her to do whatever she wanted. Later on, Jordan checked in with Adam to make sure he wasn't flipping. He told her absolutely not, but he also took the chance to suggest a new plan for if he wins the next HOH. He's thinking he'll nom Jordan and Porsche and use the argument that neither of them have yet saved themselves with a veto, and Rachel has, so J/P should have to fight for it. He could be covering his bases with Porsche; if he noms her and Rachel, what's his reasoning? He also could be targeting Rachel, who is absolutely his biggest threat. He could be thinking with her off the block she won't fight so hard for POV and if Porsche manages to win it, she could kick Rachel.

jordan rachel

It was a long night for the HGs, with the fortunes playing until the wee hours, and most of them studying for a while after. Then BB woke them up early to get them to move around and provide footage for tonight's BBAD. They gave them playing cards (finally they can stop playing with teabags) and tie-dye kits. Plus a bottle of champagne. The HGs made mimosas, and didn't do the greatest job of passing 9AM off as 9PM, but any BBAD viewer who is going to be fooled is going to be fooled no matter what.

porsche adam

The feeds went off around 3PM BBT and went back to a random night early in the season. That was just bizarre given that Flashback is available. I seem to remember last year during the feed blockage, they just ran the Superpass special content on the feeds. This year, there is filler content (chats with Howie, Janelle, Kevin, etc.) just not directly on the feeds. In any case, at the time the feeds went off, I was figuring Kalia would be going on a tie-breaker vote, and Adam would be winning HOH.

kicked? hoh?

Within about 20 minutes of the time the taping of the NotLiveShow would have ended, tweets from people who said they were in the audience were reporting that Kalia was evicted on a tie-breaker vote, and Adam won HOH. *SHOCKER* (©Dani) Of course, this is complete UNOFFICIAL and UNCONFIRMED at this point, but it fits with what we've been hearing and seeing, and the accounts just sounded legit to me. I'm going to wait until it's official to update the power page, parting shots, etc. but I'm pretty confident Kalia was kicked tonight.


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