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posted Wednesday, 7 September 2011

So, after more than 24 hours without feeds, we get to see the not-so-live show that the feed block was all about. And what do we learn? That everything that we had heard was true. Kalia cried in the toilet after losing the POV. Shelly arrived at the jury house and was greeted angrily by Jeff. Jordan voted to evict Porsche, Adam voted to evict Kalia, Rachel broke the tie and kicked Kalia. Adam won the HOH with questions about the Fortune Teller's zingers. Jordan came in second, and Porsche did horribly. Did I enjoy the show any less than I would have if we'd had feeds since after the taping? Nope. Did I watch it any less? Nope. Am I irritated that noms and probably the POV comp have happened today and I have to wait until 9PM BBT (midnight for me) to find out what happened. You bet.

There was really only one thing that struck me about the show (well two, one being that Julie's dress was absolutely hideous) and it had nothing to do with feeds or no feeds. When Shelly and Jeff were arguing at the JH, it struck me that a lot of times the HGs throw out the "it's a game" line when they're losing an argument. Jeff was making what I found to be some very valid points about the way Shelly had played and she really didn't have a defense for her actions and that's when she started saying it's a game. Yeah, it's a game. Does that mean we can't talk about it? If so, ESPN commentators are in trouble.

Feeds finally came back on and we find Jordan packing and ironing, and Rachel, Porsche and Adam in HOH having a friendly game of cards. Rachel comments that she has to pack too, so we know either Adam or Porsche won the POV. But then we find out what CBS actually accomplished by blocking the feeds. They're not talking about noms or POV at this point, so we really don't know what's going on. It takes a good 40 minutes, but finally they comment that Adam and Porsche don't have to pack and will be in the house to the end. Adam says to Rachel that she may or may not be with them.

porsche adam

We haven't had any real game talk yet, but behavior seems to indicate that Jordan is going tomorrow. But there's really no way to know. Porsche could keep Jordan thinking she'll be easier to beat in the Final HOH comps than Rachel. Or she could evict Jordan as payback for her "sympathy vote" for Kalia. Porsche's also got a deal with Rachel and some sort of alliance going back to week 1. As always, we'll know when we know.

jordan rachel

I was just about to post, when Rachel stepped out of the room and Adam and Porsche have a quick whispered conversation confirming that they want Jordan out. They think she'll be hard to beat in jury votes if she makes it to F2, and besides, she just won 2 years ago so and they want someone else to have a chance. I then spot Rachel's key in the memory wall, so now we know Porsche and Jordan are the current noms. As planned, Adam went with the reasoning that they hadn't won a POV to save themselves yet, so they should fight for it.


I'm thinking this game is now Rachel's to lose. She probably needs to win the final HOH to get to F2, but if she's there my gut feeling is she'll beat either Adam or Porsche. I'll do my usual analysis over the next few days and see what I think after some reflection. I also think Jordan now has a great shot at Favorite HG. She truly is a fan favorite, but I think the F3 have less of a shot because people don't want to see the $25K that's effectively 3rd place go to someone who also gets 1st or 2nd place. My advice is what it is every for your favorite, whoever that is. And I say vote online for free and give your money to your favorite charity....unless CBS is your favorite charity, then go ahead and donate your $1/txt.

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