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once a winner, always a winner

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posted Thursday, 8 September 2011

We went into tonight's show with livefeeders knowing exactly what was going to happen, but that didn't stop BB from doing their usual misdirection. The pre-nom meetings were a bit interesting with Jordan getting mad at Adam, as she realized that he was on TeamPorsche. She seemed to be saying if he was really with her and Rachel, he needed to nom Porsche to prove it. So, when he did nom Porsche, the casual observer might think that was a sign of loyalty to RaJo. But really, whatever Jordan picked up on from Adam had nothing to do with noms. It was about who he wanted to go to the end with. But it turned out it didn't matter anyway when Porsche won the veto.


Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Porsche and Jordan just don't get along, so Jordan was D-U-N, done (©BB9 Natalie) the moment that medallion went around Porsche's neck. But BB still made Porsche talk about how unbeatable Rachel may be, so the viewers would think that if she were smart she'd kick Rachel. The truth is that would have been the smart move, but for whatever reason, Porsche wasn't taking it. In the post-veto moments we got a look at how truly wonderful a person Jordan is. She lost the POV as much as Rachel, maybe moreso since she's getting booted for it, yet instead of feeling sorry for herself she just pep-talked Rachel about how much she deserved to stay in the game and told her to go ahead and throw Jordan under that fabled bus if it would help her with Porsche and Adam. On the feeds today there was also quite a bit of Jordan giving Rachel advice on how to win all the marbles. She passed on her thoughts on how to pick who to go to the end with (she's saying take Adam, she thinks Porsche would beat Rachel), and advice on winning Part 3 of the Final HOH. She also told her to do her best to win Part I, but that's a given.


BB furthered their misdirection by not letting Jordan wear the cute eviction dress she had picked out. It's happened before that the clothes of the nominees have given things away, but maybe not this late in the game. Of course Jordan mocked their efforts by starting her eviction speech saying she knew she was leaving, and then being kind of rude to Porsche. Bringing up the bikini and hosting comments once again wasn't the classiest move, but it wouldn't have saved her if she'd kept her comments to herself. So Jordan went out to huge applause and charmed audience and maybe even Julie a bit. She was completely up-front about having not won comps, and perfectly gracious in saying that if she had stayed she would have felt bad about getting ahead on Rachel's work. And Rachel gave Jordan a very sweet and sincere goodbye message. Those 2 really did become friends in the house; it wasn't about a jury vote. Rachel has sent most of the jurors out with not-so-nice words (she called Kalia a cow for crying out loud), and though there was no chance of being mean to Jordan, she didn't have to be a nice as she was. And I don't think she would have been if it wasn't for real.


Back in the house, it's out to play part I of the final HOH. It was sort of a re-do of the paint can comp from last season; maybe a little bit harder because in addition to the spinning and splatter in the face they were being dipped in batter. they also had to hold on to a post behind their backs rather than a rail to the sides. As soon as the feeds came back on, it was pretty clear Rachel had the thing wrapped up. Adam was clearly miserable, groaning and swearing, and Porsche was complaining that she felt sick and her shoulders hurt. Rachel was just chillin'. She commented earlier this season that she never got to play in an endurance comp last year because she always happened to be the outgoing HOH. Her showing in end. comps this year is just proving that she really is a well rounded player. She can do questions, endurance, skill and pure physical comps.


rachel adam


Sure enough, Adam drops about 30-35 minutes in, and Porsche's off about 20 minutes after that. I do believe that was the second shortest Final HOH end comp. The aborted BB7 comp will surely always hold that particular record. They were only seconds in when Boogie jumped off and Janelle accidentally took her hand off her key. In any case, Rachel wins Part I. Part II will very likely be morph-o-matic (if it's not they're breaking an important BB tradition by not playing that comp) and will probably be played Saturday, in the normal POV timeslot.

adam porsche


So, with 2 comps, 1 show and less than 6 days left, we're really down to the wire on BB13.

F3 toast

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