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day nada

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posted Friday, 9 September 2011

It was kind of a nothing day in the BB house. The F3 slept in, and then finally got to spend a little time in the backyard for the few hours it was open after last night's comp was torn down, and before construction began on tomorrow's comp. Then they got all dressed up for a special dinner and some reviews of the season. There was lots of staged toasting, and the typical walk around the house with stilted lines. There was also a bit of real reminiscing, including a pretty amusing round of Mean Girl burn book lines for everyone in grey on the memory wall. Then once ShowtimeTime came around, they did the staged "tour of the house," which was horrible. And then they stopped back at the memory wall and did a round of saying something nice about everyone....which was far inferior to the mean girls round.

porsche adam


dinner toast



Lines of the Day

Rachel: Porsche, I don't know anything about you. Except that you like to layout and host stuff.
Porsche: My ass is like huge right now.
Adam: When Dani left, Kalia tried to play Dani's game. And when you play someone else's game, you get a date with Julie.
Rachel: Dick's picture is pretty Dick.
Adam: Whenever you say in the DR "I hope you don't use this" what do they do? Use it.
Porsche: We're mean girls, final 3.
Adam (about Cassi): For a pretty girl, she had the mouth of a truck driver.


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