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have a harm

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posted Saturday, 10 September 2011

It was a long wait for part II of the Final HOH comp today. BB had told them it would be late afternoon, and later gave them a start time of 4PM. But that's BB time, so not surprisingly they didn't go off to trivialand until around 5:30. The feeds came back about 3 hours later, and we find all 3 of them in the bathroom with the first aid kit. Both Porsche and Adam have quite a few harms (©BB6/7 James). There were bloody fingers, other scrapes and scratches, and Adam had an ice pack on his right thumb. Initially all the talk was about how hard the comp was. Apparently there was some component of being underwater, and another component of lining up the HOHs in order. It sounds like Adam was having trouble with his goggles, and also had to go into the pool a second time. He said something about his only hope being that Porsche had to go back, giving the first clue that she'd won. She also seemed just a little happier than he did, though they both seemed pretty miserable with their injuries.

adam harmed porsche harmed

Then finally Adam asks the girls "who wants to take me to the final 2?" and we have confirmation that Porsche won. She also immediately responds that they should have no game talk for tonight, just recover from the beating. Unspoken in that are two things: first, she also wants a break to enjoy her victory; and second, she's probably not choosing Adam in the end. Sure enough, as soon as Adam's called to the DR, Rachel and Porsche start jumping up and down and screaming, celebrating the fact that they are now guaranteed F2. (I also just have to mention that Rachel said earlier that the black sequined thing was supposed to be a dress. I think it shows how much she's grown since last season that she opted to make it a top and wear pants.)

dance hug

A little later when Porsche's called to the DR, Adam has a little chat with Rachel. He asks if she'd consider taking him, and tells her she can be honest. She says being 100% honest, she made a deal with Porsche that they'd take each other if they ended up in this position, but admits she's a little worried that she'll lose to Porsche. Adam then tells her that if she wins Part 3 of the HOH comp, she has his vote, even if she evicts him. At this point I start to wonder if Adam received a head injury during the comp since this is in no way going to help his argument that she should choose him. They talk a bit more, and most of it is actually Rachel making what will be her pitch to the jury about how hard she's fought to get where she is in this game. Adam agrees with her that she's earned it, and does say that if either of the girls take him to the end, he's going to say that since he was carried there, the jury should vote for the other person.

rachel adam

Next up to the DR is Rachel, giving Adam and Porsche a chance to check in. This convo is pretty pointless since I think Porsche knows she has no shot against Adam. He tells her something similar to what he told Rachel, except he doesn't 100% promise his vote if she wins Part 3, just says that it would be a strong point in her favor. Ultimately there's not a whole lot of game talk just now. For our sake, let's hope the DR gets Rachel and Porsche considering their options and lights a fire under Adam to campaign a bit harder. Otherwise the next 4 days are going to be dull as dirt. The advantage of keeping the F3 in the house through the last day is that there is still game to play right up to last minute.

porsche player

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