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shel on wheels

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posted Friday, 12 August 2011

Shelly's been everywhere throughout the entire game, but today she was seriously tearing through the house. And the houseguests.


It all started with a standard Friday HOH sit-down with Daniele. Shelly was just trying to make sure she was okay with Dani, and some issues were brought up regarding last night's vote. Shelly said that Kalia had told her at the last minute not to vote to evict Rachel so that she wouldn't "get hung out to dry" since no one else was kicking Rachel. Dani said that didn't jive with what she'd heard, so Shelly told her to bring Kalia up to get it sorted it out. Kalia's claim was that she had told Shelly to let them know how she was voting and not to hang Dani out to dry.

dani kalia

A bit later Kalia starts re-telling the tale to to Porshe, and talking about how Shelly was behind the non-Pawn plan last week and explaining that Shelly really wanted to get Porsche out. The problem is that they don't realize that Shelly's laying right on the other side of the wall and can hear a lot of what's being said. So when Kalia comes out Shelly tells her she could hear them, and she's "disappointed." Kalia counters that she was disappointed with what was said in HOH.


They end up outside and Kalia tries to hash it out, but Shelly says she doesn't want to talk about it with everyone sitting around. The rest of them are more than happy to scramble away from the awkwardness. They go back and forth about the rumours they've heard about each other, including one that Kalia brings up that she heard that a convo they had about race issues got turned into Shelly saying that Kalia was complaining about people being racist. Shelly adamantly denies this, and says that she actually found the conversation really meaningful and she would not exploit it. The other major rumour is that Porsche told Kalia that Shelly had a F3 deal with Brenchel. So after Kalia and Shelly finish their confrontation, a Porsche/Shelly fight is up next.


Porsche doesn't deny the F3 comment, saying that Rachel told her that. But much of the conversation has nothing to do with the game, but rather with Shelly feeling like Porsche doesn't conduct herself well in the house/on TV and saying that she tries to give her advice to help her (such as "don't wear a dress that shows your 'hoo-haw' on TV"). Porsche says that she doesn't have an issue with all that. It's a very odd exchange. Porsche's basically letting Shelly call her a 'ho, and Shelly's doing it and trying to pass it off as motherly concern. Meanwhile the rest of the HGs are awkwardly sitting off to the side trying not get into the middle of it.

porsche fight2

But none of this is the big news of the day, which comes out of the Brenchel HOH meeting. All along Daniele has been saying that her target is once again Brendon. The plan was to nom either Brendon/Rachel or Brendon/Jeff and whichever of Rachel/Jeff wasn't up would be the repl-nom if needed. But Brendon and Rachel come in with the hard sell, offering a long-term deal. They'll all work together, but keep it totally secret so that they can each continue to work the alternate sides of the house toward the common goal of getting the 3 of them to F3. For a long time, Daniele doesn't seem to be going for it, but eventually she admits that they've given her something to think about.

brendon rachel

Just before noms, Dani pulls Kalia into the storage room and pitches a plan. What if she nominates Adam and Shelly and they make a one-week deal with Brenchel (this was the cover story Brenchel came up with to explain why she's suddenly not targeting them) and next week if Brendon or Rachel gets HOH they'll take out Jeff. Kalia's not happy at the prospect of keeping Brendon around, but Dani points out that they probably have Brendon no matter what. If she noms both of them and either wins the POV they've said they're using it on Brendon this time, and if they're both up on eviction day the rest of the house is so over Rachel, they'd probably kick her. There's no discussion of what will happen if Adam or Shelly is vetoed. They're going to tell both that they're pawns and it's a b-d Brendon plan, but it's probably more likely that if the POV is used, it's actually a b-d Jeff week. Unless of course it's Jeff who wins the POV and saves Adam or Shelly.

kd jordan

So after trivia, we come back to find Shelly and Adam are on the block. They're both relatively calm, but for some reason Jordan's on about finding out who has been spreading lies and calls another pseudo house meeting. The F3 Shelly/Brenchel story is brought up. Rachel admits that she said it, because she says that Shelly offered it. When Jordan and Brendon were on the block Rachel says that Shelly offered to kick Jordan if they'd give her a F3 deal. Shelly's head just about explodes at the claim that she'd ever go against Jordan. The best part of the convo is actually when Rachel asks Brendon to back her up and his first comment is "I don't want to get involved." She snaps at him that he's making her look like a liar, so he does say that it happened, but it sure does look shady.

adam shelly

At this point there's tons of distrust running through the house, and it's impossible to say how this week is really going to go. We really won't know until the POV and, if applicable, repl-noms, are over. On top of it all, there are 2 ridiculous issues running through the house. First, the conspiracy theories about the missing chess pieces continue to grow. Kalia is claiming she asked about them in the DR and they told her that "they had everything." But, since Kalia's the one who took them, who knows if that's true. I'm also not sure at this point if Kalia still has them or not. Secondly, there is the musical bed problem. There are no HaveNots this week. There are 3 double beds in the candy room, and 3 singles in the spaceship room. JeJo have one of the double beds, and Kalia and Porsche have the other 2. Brenchel want one of the double beds but neither Kalia or Porsche wants to move.

jeff rachel


Lines of the Day

Shelly: I've got 2 ears and one mouth and I will listen and talk in that proportion.
Shelly (to Daniele): Kalia acted 10 times more arrogant as HOH than you ever could.
Jeff (about Porsche): Go back to bed, you weren't even here for the first part of the conversation.
Shelly: I do think young people deserve a chance to get the money and be able to do things in life. I'm 20 years older than most of you.
Kalia: Then why are you here?
Shelly: If you have something to say, Porsche, you can say it to my face. I heard everything you said.
Porsche: I've heard a lot too.
Shelly: I didn't say anything-I was in bed.
Porsche: I was in bed too.
Shelly: You're always in bed.
Shelly: The right thing gets you nowhere in this house. I ought to be a horse's butt.
Brendon: I told you not to talk to Porsche.
Rachel: You were gone, I told Porsche a lot.
Brendon: Well, mistake number fucking...
Daniele: You have to think, the people watching this have to be able to follow what's going on.
Jordan: This season, everyone knows your gameplay. You might as well just stand over the balcony and yell 'this is what I'm doing!'
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