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posted Saturday, 13 August 2011

This week is going to end up being all about true alliances. Brenchel's plan for Daniele was that she nom 2 other people and if anyone asked what she was thinking, she could say she was trying to decrease the chances they'd play in the veto. The counter-argument would be that if she nom'ed them both, one of them would surely go. The beauty of the "two pawn plan" would be that Brendon could be backdoored. Of course, so can anyone else.


They pick POV players this morning and it's Jeff, Jordan and Kalia joining Daniele, Shelly and Adam. Porsche's the host again, so it's Brendon and Rachel sitting on the sidelines. If it really is a b-d Brendon week, it couldn't have worked out better. Before the comp, Daniele pulls Shelly aside and tells her not to trust Jeff--if he wins POV he's keeping the noms the same b/c he's in an alliance with Brenchel. Shelly's already starting to distrust everybody, so she's worried.

rachel brendon

When the feeds come back after the comp we have to wait an extraordinarily long time to find out what happened. Over an hour later we finally get all the details. It was one of the Pollyanna style comps and the results were:

  • Daniele - Veto Ticket (automatic participation in next week's POV)
  • Kalia - Caribbean vacation
  • Jeff - $5K
  • Shelly - 24 hours solitary confinement plus a phone call from home
  • Jordan - "Humili-tard" (see cap above)
  • Adam - POV

Jordan asks Adam if he thinks Jeff will be the repl-nom and Adam says no, and that during the comp he asked Dani if Jeff was safe, she said he was and Adam told her to say it to Jeff. Adam says this way if she does repl-nom Jeff, it will prove she's a liar. Daniele is telling Kalia that she's going to repl-nom Brendon, but then again, 2 days ago she was promising she was going to nominate Brendon and Rachel straight up and Brendon talked her out of it.

adam jeff

In any case, I'm going to try to not worry about it and retain some sanity (see my new tag line). It really is the best move for Daniele's game to get rid of Brendon, so as long as certain people don't get to her she probably will go ahead and put him up.


Shelly's handling her confinement as well as anyone could. She's got the thought of the phone call to carry her through. Jordan comes and has a little under the door chat with her, describing the costume, which Shelly says sounds super-cute. This is also when Shelly tells her what Dani said before the comp about Jeff, and explains that is why she was kind of nervous beforehand. But it seems Jordan made sure that Shelly took the confinement/call during the comp because she knew how important it would be to her to talk to her family. I'm not quite sure what happened, but whatever it was it has Shelly 100% convinced that JeJo do have her best interests at heart.

jordoor sheldoor

In other news, Jordan is beyond adorable in her tutu and propeller beanie cap. She's taking it in stride, and coming across with the joy of a little kid. It's hard to imagine anyone being able to do anything mean to her while she looks like this.

cutie cutie2

And, I have my first foul call of the season. In addition to continuing to keep the chess pieces hidden, Dani, Kalia and Porsche have now stolen Brendon's rubber duckie. Okay, that's incredibly juvenile, but hardly foul-worthy. However, this morning (see FB 8/13 12:08 AM F1/2) Porsche, with the encouragement of Daniele and Kalia added a bunch of Benefiber (or something similar) to the protein shake mix. While this isn't likely to kill anyone, or even make them sick, I still say messing with the food is not okay.



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jejo kissy

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