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domestic abuse

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posted Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shelly was given early release from her 24 hours of solitary confinement (I mean, in reality she was given early release, the show will probably still claim it was 24 hrs.) and had her phone call with her husband and daughter. This gave them all something to talk about for the rest of the day, and gave her a new lease on life. She was so happy to talk to them and get reassurance that they were proud of her and doing okay. She's also super grateful to Jordan for making sure she got this.


Unfortunately, I'm not so sure the JeJo love is coming back at Shelly. They had long conversations last night on the merits of keeping Brenchel in the game as bigger targets than themselves (well, than Jeff). It went 'round and 'round for awhile and I think it ended up with, if Brendon is the repl-nom, they'll vote to keep him unless they can't get Adam on board also. The idea is if they can't get Adam, it would be a tiebreaker and Daniele wouldn't keep Brendon, and by telling Brenchel that they would do it, but they don't have Adam, they protect themselves from being the bad guys.

jordan jeff

Now given that Adam has been kicking himself for kicking a weaker player last week to keep a bigger target in the game, he may well not go for this plan. That's pretty much what I'm hoping for. Jeff and Jordan think that the only thing they get by keeping Shelly is a vote, but in truth they get a vote and a true ally. They have no idea how much Brendon has been throwing them under that fabled bus to Daniele, and if they keep him and kick Shelly, they're in huge amounts of trouble.


Shelly also had a chat with Brendon this afternoon where she compared Rachel's behavior to an abusive relationship, in that Rachel treats the other HGs horribly, then comes around the next day all smiles and apologies (when did Rachel ever apologize for anything?) and expects it to be okay. Shelly also comments on Rachel's extreme dependance on Brendon, and Brendon defends her a bit saying that she's not like that outside of the house, it's just the stress of BB. And in the "can we say 'irony'" moment of the day, Brendon spent some time today scolding Rachel for things like the way she sits on the couch. He tells her that she needs to sit in a more relaxed position when they're campaigning to people. I honestly can't even figure out what his point is supposed to be, other than to be controlling one more thing about her life.

rachel brendon

No one has had a real conversation with Daniele about repl-noms, so I'd be looking for that either tonight or tomorrow morning. Otherwise perhaps she really will just toss Brendon up there and it will all become about the votes.


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