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domestic tranquility

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posted Monday, 15 August 2011

It's a quiet day around the house. As expected, Adam vetoed himself. Last night Daniele granted an audience to The Brenchel and they made a similar pitch to the one they made on Friday, saying that they really should team up. They totally turned on JeJo, suggesting that either Jeff or Jordan would make a great repl-nom. They also told Daniele that they weren't at all sure if they had JeJo's votes this week because Brenchel thinks they are aligned with Shelly.

brenchel adam

The irony is, of course, that JeJo have decided it would actually be in their best interests to keep Brendon, having no idea how much he is poised to shank them at his first chance. It may actually not come to anything because if they can cast the whole thing off on Porsche and Adam and go with the "we're voting with the house" line, they can keep Shelly and kick Brendon without having to outright betray him. On the other hand, if Brenchel managed to convince Daniele to keep them and get her to either break a tie their way, or talk Kalia into voting for them, well, it would be a whole new ballgame.


In the end Brendon did tell Daniele that he completely understood if she had to nom him in order to keep their "cover" intact. He thanked her for not noming them both together and giving them a chance at veto, even if it didn't work out. As Daniele hoped, it was taken as a sign of accepting the truce. Of course what this really means is that if Brendon does go this week, Daniele gets the job of Rachel-sitting, since Shelly clearly won't be doing it this time, and Jordan says she's pretty much had it. And, of course, Rachel thinks Jeff is a big meanie. I'm sure Dani is beyond thrilled.


In other news, Jordan continues to be cuter than a button in her costume.

jordan jordan

That's all for now, and likely all for today. It is a quiet day, and that's fine with me; we can use the break around here. I haven't actually even seen Shelly, Porsche or Kalia. They'll probably all perk up around ShowtimeTime. If anything interesting happens, we'll catch up tomorrow.


Daily Dose of JeJo

(with costume for added cuteness)

jejo jejo

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