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let's make a deal

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posted Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It seems like there's some actual campaigning going on, though I'm not sure it's really worth following until tomorrow. Yesterday evening, JeJo had a little check in with Adam to see if they were "on the same page." He said they were, and apparently the page he meant was the Kick Brendon page. Jordan makes a point of saying that no matter how annoying Rachel is, they can't kick her next week; they need her to stay around as a target and a vote.


Later Jeff works on Adam a bit, trying to convince him that there's some value to keeping Brendon. But as I predicted, Adam learned his lesson last week, and he's not going to fall for that "keep a threat, kick a friend" plan. Adam actually spends a good part of the conversation talking about his sheer joy at being a part of BB. He says he used to think that he would never be cast b/c he's not a "pretty boy" but after seeing Dick win, he went for it. Now he just wants to experience all aspects of the BB experience. He's covered, being nom'ed, being veto'ed by someone else, winning POV, veto'ing himself, being on the block eviction night and hosting a comp. So all that's left is HOH (and being evicted or winning, but he's not mentioning that one).


This afternoon Rachel made a quick pitch to Porsche who pretty much flat out told her to stuff it. Porsche pointed out that she's done this dance before: she voted to keep Brendon last time, even though he was sure to go, and it got her nothing. Rachel pretty much ditched her as soon as Brendon was out the door (I'd personally say that Porsche ditched Rachel, but whatever). Rachel counters with the fact that Shelly can't stand Porsche and pulls out what she thinks of as her trump card, that she overheard Shelly saying she'd nom Porsche. Since this is about the least shocking thing we've heard ever, it doesn't really faze Porsche. She says she'll talk to Brendon, but she's also going to talk to Shelly. Rachel comments that Shelly obviously isn't going to admit she'd nom Porsche (I'd say it wouldn't totally shock me if she did). Porsche says, whatever, Shelly's not going to win HOH. And besides, she might offer Porsche a deal.

summit brenchel

A minute after Porsche leaves, Brendon comes in and Rachel tells him Porsche's a lost cause. He lectures her a bit, telling her that she's got to keep control of her temper, etc. etc. He wags his finger, shushes her and grabs her by the shoulders a few times. It's typical Brenchel. Later Brendon lets Dani know what happened, and she says she'll talk to Porsche herself later. Brenchel seem pretty confident they've got a 3-3 vote and so now they're hoping they can get Dani to tie-break for them.

shel dani

I'm gonna bet that Brendon's going to go this week, but it could get interesting. And the most interesting part could be not so much about him working for the HGs votes, but the rest of the working for his jury vote. I think that Daniele and Jeff both have basically the same plan: tell Brenchel that they would totally keep Brendon if it were up to them, but since they can't get other people on board, it's pointless. And then it gets even more interesting because if Daniele and JeJo worked together, the "it's pointless" argument is out the window. But Brendon can't tell Jeff and Jordan that he's got a deal with Dani, without, well, telling Jeff and Jordan he's got a deal with Dani. And likewise he can't suggest that Daniele convince Kalia to vote to keep him without her having to reveal she's made a deal with them.

predictions porsche

Though, even as I type, Rachel's encouraging Brendon to make a pitch to Kalia,and to tell her to check with Daniele and see if she's willing to "reconsider" and support Brendon staying. Rachel's proposed pitch is that they compliment her as a competitor and say they want her to join the anti-floater fight. In other news, apparently the DR finally came down hard on Kalia about her singing, threatening her with a penalty nomination. It seems that they may have finally impressed upon her that they're not telling her to shut up just to be irritating, but that there really are big bucks on the line. Maybe she'll actually manage to keep her mouth shut now. Or at least STOP SINGING.


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