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posted Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's the night before eviction in the BB house. Time to watch the hamsters scramble to get votes if they're nominated, and if they're not, scramble to be in a good position next week.

Last night there was a brief interlude in the BB game for a hot dog eating contest between Adam and Brendon. They all took it about as seriously as they take game comps, and both guys fought for it. Adam won handily, finishing 10 hot dogs in 4 minutes. It was sort of symbolic of the week--Adam wins a comp and Brendon's the big loser.

contest brend

jeff cheer

Once that was over, the game started back up full force. Rachel went up and made another pitch to Daniele. It was two pronged approach, trying to get her to get Kalia to vote to keep Brendon and at the same time trying to get Daniele to agree to break a tie in their favor if the votes come down 3-3. Daniele tells her she'll work on Kalia, and she'll take a stab at Porsche, even though Rachel is convinced it's a total lost cause. Dani is very careful not to make any promises about the tie-breaker. She keeps making the point that she'll have the whole house turn on her if she saves Brendon.

rach dani

As soon as Rachel comes down from her chat with Dani, Brendon asks her what she was doing. She tells him it's pretty much over. Then she grabs a can of beer that Porsche had stuck in the fridge and pops it open. Brendon asks her why she did that, just because it's Porsche's? Rachel gives him a sly grin, and he orders her into the HN room. Then they enter into one of their typical fights, he's yelling at her, telling her she's putting a bigger target on herself and making things worse for him. When she raises her voice back at him he starts shushing her, saying he doesn't want anyone to hear them fighting.


Later on, when the rest of them are tucked snug in their beds, Daniele and JeJo sit down for a big game talk. Daniele follows through with what she's been saying since early in the week telling them how much Brenchel's been up in HOH talking crap about them. Jeff says he's not at all surprised, that he's heard it from other people, and whatever. They also go through all the deals that Shelly has and seem to come to an agreement that while they all "love her" she can't be trusted and she's playing all sides. Both sides are pretty honest about a lot of things that have gone on, and they sort of semi make a deal. Or, if not a deal, they seem to sort of come to an understanding. I'm not convinced it's at all legit on either side, but more a hedge against HOH not going their respective ways tomorrow.

dani jordan

Then today brings the moment of truth for the couples' alliance. Jordan tells Rachel and Brendon that she and Jeff aren't going to vote against the house if Brenchel can't get that fourth vote. Without it, voting for Brendon does nothing except get Shelly and Daniele mad at them. Jordan feels like she didn't explain things well, so she sends Jeff out to clear it up. Unfortunately, he's Jeff, and all he does is make Rachel mad. When he tells them he's not going to go against the house, Rachel starts her glaring and staring. He asks why she's mad at him, when it's the rest of the house who won't do what she needs. She says she gets it, but he feels her body language says something else, so he just keeps ranting.


Once again Brendon pulls Rachel into the HN room to talk. This time it's not a lecture, just a decompression session. He tells her he's going to talk to Jeff and explain to him that he can't speak to Rachel that way, that he has to be respectful. Everyone out here misses the next few seconds of the conversation as we're all laughing hysterically at the irony. The major thing that Brenchel are upset about is that they honestly feel that if the situation were reversed they would vote to keep Jeff, regardless of whom it might piss off. The fact is, in theory, that's true. They're not the type of players to worry about going against the house or the HOH. They're going to vote the way they want no matter what. What's funny in this case is that they spent the better part of the week before repl-noms trying to get Jeff nom'ed. Maybe they would have voted to keep him, and maybe he would have even stayed. But in Jeff's view, trying to get him nom'ed is worse than not voting when there's no hope.

rach pretzel

The four of them do hash it out a bit later, but not a whole lot is accomplished. Jeff and Rachel are just so different that they're probably never going to see things from the other's perspective. Jeff tries to explain where he's coming from, and even Brendon says he understands, but Rachel still sees it as nothing but betrayal. Brendon and Rachel again say that if the tables were turned they'd stay loyal. Jeff says "oh, really? so you have never thrown us under the bus to anyone?" And therein lies the key. To Jeff and Jordan, loyalty in the social game is critical. To Brendon and Rachel, it's about the competitive game.

jordan jeff

Jordan gets a little frustrated with Rachel and comments on how she "baby-sat" Rachel last week when no one else wanted to be around her. Poor choice of words, because it (understandably) offends Rachel. Jordan does say it wasn't the right word, but tries to stay on the point that she didn't just run away when Rachel was having her little breakdowns. But Rachel can't get past the word, and comments on it several times. I won't be surprised if we're still hearing about it at finale. Then Brendon gives Jeff his promised little lecture about being respectful, and Jeff says something along the lines of "what are you fucking talking about, I've been totally fucking respectful! I talked to her when no one else wanted to fucking put up with her!" Later on Jordan tries to explain that when Jeff yells he's just trying to get his point across, not be mean.

brendon rachel

So, it's looking like Brendon will be walking the plank again tomorrow, probably on a 5-1 vote. And it's all about who wins the next HOH. The HGs are on an overnight lockdown, which is a good indicator for some kind of endurance/physical comp. I would really love to see Jeff win, and if not him, Adam or Shelly. Actually I don't so much care who wins HOH as I really want either Kalia or Porsche to go next week.

kalia adam

A quick review of the show: the comp was entertaining, and there was a lot of the post comp stuff that we missed during the extended feed outage. No wonder they weren't talking about the winner when the feeds came back, the end of the comp was like forever ago by that point. Shelly's call was sweet, as was Jordan giving it to her. Jordan really is one of the nicest people on the planet. And Daniele's zombie comments were pretty funny.


Lines of the Show

Jordan: Don't show this, he'll get mad!
Kalia: [If Dani takes the vacation], it's gonna be a hoedown, 'cause there's going to be a 'ho down.
Daniele: A veto ticket is really valuable in this game. Just ask Brendon and Rachel.
Jordan: Oh, wait! Do you want it?
Shelly: I'll never forget what Jordan did.
Jeff: Jordan is made with a heart of gold. She is an angel on earth and she of course wants to make other people happy even if it means making herself sad.

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