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sliding to victory

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posted Thursday, 18 August 2011

It's a great day for BB, from my POV. Brendon got kicked, again, and for good this time, and Jeff won HOH. My best guess is that Jeff will nom Kalia and Porsche. Even though the smarter move would probably be to go Daniele/Kalia since Daniele's got the veto ticket and is guaranteed to play in POV. But since JeJo made a pseudo-deal with Dani he may not want to stab her in the front just yet. If he does go Porsche/Kalia and Dani wins POV and saves one of them, there's going to be a lot of pressure from the rest of them to nom Rachel....which might not be a bad thing all things considered. But we're getting way ahead of ourselves.

For now, it's just ding-dong, the Zombie's gone, and enjoy the pics from the endurance comp.

comp jeff/rach

jordan porsche

dani soapy jeff

adam shel

kalia wipeout

comp comp



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