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posted Friday, 19 August 2011

Jeff nominated Kalia and Porsche, using basically the logic I predicted yesterday. He actually said at one point that this leaves open the option of backdooring Daniele, but if that doesn't happen it also doesn't burn any bridges as far as working together from his side. He did have a little chat with Dani about her winning the POV. He said if she did win it he'd like her to not use it. She kind of agreed without agreeing, and he doesn't believe her for a second anyway. But, if she does win she's in the same position he is now. She can either blatantly go against him and squash any potential alliance, or she can maybe work out a deal. Like, I won't use the veto, but you make sure that Kalia stays.

dani jeff

Whatever happens, it's going to be interesting post-POV. If either Porsche or Kalia wins, obviously she'll save herself, and Jeff will pretty much have to nom Daniele. If Daniele wins, she'll be under a lot of pressure from Kalia to save her, and if she does, Jeff will be under a lot of pressure from several sides to repl-nom Rachel. And if Rachel plays in the POV and wins, she'll quite possibly try to make a deal with Porsche, save her, and then expect Jeff to repl-nom Daniele. If Adam wins, he just might save Porsche, because they seem to have a slightly secret alliance, and he can pass it off as a way to get Dani on the block. And if Shelly, Jeff or Jordan wins, they'll have to decide if they really do want to b-d Daniele, or get rid of one of the other 2.

rachel shelly

In other news, they got the mid-size table today, and it was covered in jalapeƱos and hard-boiled eggs for the HaveNotties. (BB finally broke their alliterative additional food streak, though they are acoustically "alliterative"). The HGs immediately asked the same questions about the hard-boiled eggs as I did--do they just get eggs and they can do what they want with them, or do the get already cooked eggs? Also, it occurs to me with all the condiments they're allowed to use, they can make some really decent egg salad, so no one's going to starve.

middi fud

HOH Jeff got to pick the HNs and picked (shocker) Kalia, Daniele and Porsche. So the 2 biggest nappers and snackers (K/P) are stuck on hard beds and food restriction. And nominated. This could get nasty.

por kalia

There's not much else to report for now. Jordan's in her costume until tomorrow, and she skipped around the backyard like a 4 year old for a minute, then followed that up by playing Go-Fish with Rachel using "cards" Rachel and Brendon made out of tea bags and nail polish. Adam also used the nail polish to monogram a pack of cigarettes as a "gift" for Jeff. Which may have been a joke about HOH sucking up, or may have been a jab at Jeff for always bumming cigs off of Adam and Shelly. Either way, Jeff just laughed and said "ooh, thanks! Cancer!"

jordan adam


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