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big week for big jeff

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posted Saturday, 20 August 2011

They drew players for the POV last night, and ended up with everyone other than Rachel playing. I'm not sure if they waited until after drawing to see if Daniele needed to use her veto pass, or if it was automatically a 7 person game (on a side note, I'm starting to wonder how the FF POV will work on Thursday since there will still be 7 people in the game; will they all play, or will some unlucky person not have a shot?). In any case, Rachel wasn't thrilled to not be playing for the second week in a row, but she feels a lot safer with Jeff than she did with Dani, so she wasn't quite as down as last week.

kalia porsche

Then they went off behind the trivia and when they come back we find that Big Jeff has won. But wait, there's more. The Zingbot was back! Apparently he got in a number of good zings, so we can look forward to that on Wednesday's show, including one about Jeff not having yet proposed to Jordan. The comp itself was a puzzle to build the Zingbot a wife. From what they're all saying, Jeff smoked them all; no one else was even close and a few had nothing done at all.

pov jordan

So now the repl-nom scramble begins. The general assumption (and likely scenario) is that Jeff will veto someone and put up Daniele. He's more likely to save Porsche because he and Jordan both feel there's a slight chance they can work with her, whereas Kalia is a lost cause. Kalia is also clearly Dani's number one ally, so she makes sense as her nom. chair neighbor.


Oddly, the major campaigning so far has been from Rachel and Shelly, against each other. They're each making pitches around the house about how awful the other one is. Shelly has even told Daniele and Kalia that she will try to get Jeff to repl-nom Rachel. JeJo have made it very clear to Shelly that they are not cutting Rachel loose just yet, so I'm not sure what she's trying to accomplish other than to convince the girls that she's on their side so if one of them wins HOH next week they won't come after her.

shel rachel

In other news, it's Daniele's birthday. Unlike her last b-day in the BB house when she won both HOH and POV for the week, it's not going so well. Kalia did make her a little crown and sash and they had a brief midnight celebration with a slop cake. But apparently BB told her to take off the crown and stuff. It sounds like they may be planning some sort of 1 hour party, giving the HNs a repreive, similar to what they did for Adam for tomorrow. And they don't want to confuse the TV viewers.

dani dani2

Also late last night, Jordan shunned (© BB12 Enzo) the humilitard. She and Adam did a cute little dance and apparently he sang a little song (though the song was blocked from the feeds, either to save it for TV or because of some misguided interpretation of copyright).

shunning jeff

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