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speaking terms

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posted Sunday, 21 August 2011

On tonight's show, while complaining about the jalapenos the HNs got this week, Kalia said "America, we're almost not on speaking terms." My first thought was, good. Maybe you'll stop talking. My second thought was, that was mean. It got me thinking about what is it that makes a HG annoying or not. I've never been able to quite figure it out, but every year one or two of them just really get on my nerves. I think it has a lot to do with how much they complain about their lot in the BB life. I mean, come on, you're on a frickin' reality show. You signed up for this, and it's not like you're in actual prison or something.


A few more comments on the show... The portrayal of the comp was interesting. It was an example of why the endurance comps are so much more fun on the feeds. What was really an hour and a half of suspense, was 5 minutes on the show. And they made it seem like people fell a lot more than they actually did. Jordan disappearing completely under the suds was pretty funny, though Shelly's description later (which didn't make the show) of looking over and saying "where'd she go?" was what really made the moment amusing. And speaking of Shelly comments, the one about the rest of them never washing dishes was a little unfair. With a few exceptions, most of them do clean up after themselves.

shelly jeff

The post comp coverage was, well, interesting. It was a fairly accurate portrayal of the disappointment Dani/Kalia/Porsche felt. But the implication that Shelly was the only one trash-talking Rachel, was really unfair. Certainly Shelly's not Rachel's #1 fan, but a big part of why she was saying everything she was saying was to get in good with the girls. On the other hand, the bit about Porsche's first minute of game talk with Jeff, and his sincere amusement at the situation was fantastic. I also have to say that I thought Jeff's nomination speech was one of the best of the season. Porsche and Kalia may think it's crazy that someone suggest that they actually play the game, but really it was about the best reasoning for nom'ing people that we've heard.

porsche dani

Not a lot happening on the feeds today. Lazy Sunday with a lot of bikini time, and Daniele's day late birthday party. Then Rachel made a comment about her period being two weeks late, and now the Catty Girls are having hours of fun talking about how they can use this against her. Tell her she can't drink, tell the DR she shouldn't be allowed to compete in physical comps., whoever goes to jury tell Brendon and get him to freak out. And, a few observant (i.e. obsessive) livefeeders have pointed out that it can't be true anyway, since she was on her period 3 weeks ago during the ski comp.

rachel kalia

Back in the actual game, the plan is still for Jeff to veto Porsche and backdoor Dani. Which brings me to my other "speaking of terms" point of the day. There's been a lot of discussion out here about what the term "backdoor" means in the BB-verse. In the purest sense, the backdoor plan requires that the HOH know from the beginning who the target is, but not nom that person, and then that person is not picked for POV and doesn't even have a chance to be safe. If the original target is not the original nom, but does get to play in the POV and just doesn't win, that still technically a backdoor in my mind. BB changed the POV rules a few years back to prevent pure backdooring by adding the random draw of POV players. What is not a backdoor is when one of the original noms vetoes themselves or is vetoed by an ally and the HOH is forced to put up a replacement. If it was not the original plan to wait until after POV to put up the real target, it's not a backdoor.

dani jordan

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