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backdoor backfire

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posted Monday, 22 August 2011

As planned, Jeff became the first BB13 HOH to veto one of his own nominees. He saved Porsche and tossed Daniele up on the block. This was basically a guaranteed move ever since Daniele's Kill Jeff campaign way back in week 3. Once she tried to get him backdoored, there was pretty much nothing she could have done to save herself from the same fate if he ever got power. Even though she's been pitching deals for the last week or so, pointing out that she hasn't actually gone after him when she's had power recently, and promising that she won't if he keeps her safe now. Jeff doesn't actually believe that Dani's on his side now. He's pretty sure she hasn't targeted him because she's had bigger Brenchel fish to fry, and that given the chance she'd definitely go after him now. Funny thing is, if Daniele had waited on Kill Jeff, it probably would have gone through and she wouldn't be sitting on the block herself now.

dani jeff

But the repl-nom wasn't the interesting part of the day. That came later when Shelly, yes, Shelly, started in on Operation Shank JeJo. Shelly is literally the last person I would have expected to turn on them. I'm actually not 100% convinced she legitimately has turned, but more on that later. First, here's what happened: after the veto meeting Shelly made a pitch to Adam and Porsche saying that they could flip the votes and keep Dani. Her major selling point is that Jeff and Jordan are always going to be loyal to each other over anyone else. Anyone who makes it to F3 with them has less chance of being in the money because they will each take the other to F2.


The first chat gets broken up fairly quickly when Jeff comes out. A bit later Shelly starts working on Adam again. She's pretty much on the same track, that JeJo are a team above all else, but she also throws in that keeping Dani means someone else to go after Jeff. She thinks Kalia still won't ever put Jordan up, so if she noms Jeff/Rachel and one of them wins POV, Adam/Shelly would be the repl-nom. It's unclear if Adam's buying into this at all. He gives Shelly a list of reasons why he doesn't trust Dani, but he also seems to take her point about the rest of them having a better shot if JeJo are split up. Adam has also had a few chances since this all happened to let Jeff know and hasn't, so that tells me he's at least keeping his options open. He also does have something going on with Porsche, and that could be a bigger factor in his decision than anything Shelly says. On the one hand, Porsche wants to keep Daniele, but other hand, if Dani goes Adam probably becomes Porsche's number one ally.

adam porsche

Next up, Shelly sits down for a long talk with Dani. She's really talking up the possibility of keeping Dani. They bond quite a bit over Rachel hate, and Shelly throws out quite a few jabs about Jeff using her cigarettes (makes me wonder if that's not her real reason for wanting him out, seriously). Daniele talk about Jeff (and Jordan) lying to her and saying they weren't going to nom her and then going back on it. Shelly jumps right on board about how Jeff's not playing as honest a game as he claims. She tells Dani that she was totally shocked when Jeff backdoored her.... which is a total lie. But at this point it seems like Dani has Shelly and Porsche completely on board, so it's all about Adam. Interestingly enough, since JeJo are a little more worried about Adam than Shelly they might actually talk to him more to keep him on their side. There's a good chance they'll just think Shelly's so solidly on their side that they won't bother to bring anything up with her, and just write off all her talking with Dani to Shelly being "nice."

jordan kalia

So, the big question is, what is Shelly up to? Is she really trying to flip the house, and if so, why? Did the DR get to her (realize that the prods love Dani and really don't want to see her go, any more than they wanted to see Jeff go week 3)? After all this time of saying she doesn't care if she gets the money, has she changed her mind? She's been saying all along that it's not about the cash for her, but recently she's been bringing up more and more the fact that she's turning her stipend over to her employer, so if she doesn't win she personally gets nothing. (Point of information: the first and second place winners don't get the stipend, so I'd wonder, if Shelly wins is she giving part of her winnings to her company?) Is she bring up these arguments to see what she can get Adam to say or do and then turn around and sell him out to JeJo. By the same token, if Shelly is for real, will Adam let JeJo know so that he moves up past Shelly on their list?

chatter mommy dearest

Whatever happens, things just got interesting. If Shelly does manage to flip the vote and keep Dani, it's going to completely change the game. It will be the rest of them against Rachel and JeJo. And if this happens and Jeff is kicked during the FastForward on Thursday, Shelly will have to explain herself to Jordan. After everything she said about Jordan after she gave Shelly the phone call, how can she just turn around and stab them in the back (she'll have to explain whether Jeff goes or not, but if Jeff goes it will be that much worse). And even if the vote doesn't flip, the scheming could very well come out and that will create drama. Or if Shelly's actually up to something else other than vote flipping, there's definitely going to be some drama around that.


Lines of the Day

Shelly: Where are you this week?
Daniele: Sometimes I wish life were a cartoon and anvils would just fall on people's heads.
Jordan: I don't think Adam and Shelly will flip. I will be super-duper shocked if they do.
Jeff: Do you just like float around the world? How is that, is it awesome?
Jeff: We come up here and we just rip on everybody.
Jordan: Don't you think everybody does that when they're HOH?

Daily Dose of JeJo

jo je

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