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posted Tuesday, 23 August 2011

One thing about Daniele, she's a fighter. From the moment she was nom'ed she came out swinging, and keeping it subtle at the same time. There was no ranting and screaming, not too much whining and complaining, just the launch of a stealth campaign to Kick Kalia and keep herself in the house. Sure, she's laying around looking sad, but she's told Sergeant Shelly that no matter how well the Kill Kalia campaign is going she's going to act as if she's sure she's leaving so that JeJo, Rachel and Kalia don't realize they're about to get got. Kalia, on the other hand, continues to just complain about everything and doing pretty much nothing to keep herself in the game. If she stays this week it will be because Dani lost her battle, not because Kalia won hers.

kalia dani

Last night Shelly did sit down with Jordan and talk to her about feeling that she would always be a third wheel in the JeJo alliance, and knowing that was one reason to keep Dani. Jordan basically told her, "hey, if you think you're better off with them, go for it." Shelly did her typical "no, no, no, I love you" routine. I really couldn't figure out what Shelly was trying to get out of this. Was she seriously expecting Jordan to say, "okay, I'll ditch that Jeff guy and make a F2 deal with you"? The other thing that came out in the conversation was this story that Daniele has apparently said to a few of them that if she's evicted there are certain DR people (specifically, Natalie and Jeff) who are friends of hers and would "leave" if she's evicted. It seems that Shelly particularly likes these people and wouldn't want them to go. She told Jordan she asked in the DR if what Dani is saying is true and was told absolutely not. Jordan laughed the whole thing off, pointing out that it's a job to them and there's no way they'd quit over something as silly as an eviction. Of course, it is believable that certain prods want Dani to stay/win, but come on. By the end of the convo I was sort of thinking that Shelly's Save the Dani campaign was just a ploy, though she's lied enough to both sides at this point, I have no idea which way she's really leaning. But, at the end of the day, if Shelly does flip, she's going to look like a total douche for turning on Jordan.

shelly jordan

Then today, Sergeant Shelly did launch a new wave of attack at Adam, so it seems like she really is on Team Dani. Adam sort of listened to her, but in the end he told her he just can't trust Dani. When Shelly reported back to General Dani, she went at Adam with her own campaign. She tries to convince him that she's had his back the whole game. As he later points out, she conveniently leaves out the time when she wanted to keep Dom over him, or use him as a pawn she was totally willing to sacrifice if it came to that. Dani's other tact is to tell Adam that her Dad will be friends with him if he keeps her (I'm pretty sure she was at least half joking). Then later on Porsche tells Adam she'll get Janelle to call him if he keeps Dani. Seriously people? He's a fan, he's not an idiot. He's not going to make a bad game move just to meet ex-HGs.

porsche adam

Later on Adam has a check-in with Jeff and tells him Dani's been on the campaign trail, but assures him he's not buying in. Things get a little awkward when Jeff starts talking about how solidly on their side Shelly is when Adam knows perfectly well that's bull sh-sugar pops (© BB12 Andrew). Then it gets even more awkward when Jeff asks whom Adam would target next and he mentions Rachel before Porsche.

jeff rachel

BB has perhaps inadvertently given them some military supplies for the ongoing battles. They've got bendy things and have been making "dolls" of all the HGs. Then Porsche makes a Josie Doll and presents it to Shelly and the butt-kissing sounds are almost deafening. Then they get Easter egg dye, and when Rachel starts setting up to use it Kalia tells her that she shouldn't be using the HN hard-boiled eggs since it's "their only food." Of course, they only have 6 dozen eggs, and BB provides them with unlimited amounts of the HN bonus food of week.

the bends eggsactly

Lines of the Day

Jeff: "I don't want to be knocked out by someone who in between baking cookies came outside and grabbed a fucking HOH and I'm out."
Jordan: "Do you think it's bad we got rid of Brendon?"
Jeff: "I don't know. You wanna go back in time and get him?"
Shelly (to Adam): If you vote for [Rachel in F2] America will look at you like....
(me: And how do you think America's going to look at you for backstabbing America's Sweetheart, Jordan?)
Jordan: What I said to Shelly must have made sense to her. I don't know what part.
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