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posted Wednesday, 24 August 2011

You gotta love the Zingbot. He gets to say the things a lot of people are thinking, and it gives you some insight into how the prods see these people. And it gives us a chance to see which of them can laugh at themselves. Notice who took their zings the worst? Daniele, obviously, didn't appreciate the zing about riding her father's coattails. And Shelly? Well, apparently there was another zing for her her about confusing "smoking the competition" and "smoking competition" that she really didn't like and complained to DR and was assured it wouldn't air. So, the one they did air, calling her "a dude" was better? If she's that sensitive about being a smoker, maybe she should quit.

Shelly dani

The edit tonight was very pro-Dani/anti-Jeff. On the one hand, that supports the idea that she's got friends in the DR. On the other hand, it could just be that they know she's going and they're working on the famous misdirect. Or it could be that Jeff really is getting a bit to high on himself and deserves it.

jordan jeff

In the house, the campaign to beat down Adam has continued with a 3 pronged attack by Porsche, Shelly and Dani. Shelly has all but given up, but Porsche and Dani are still working on him. On the other side Kalia came to him with her offer. Her thing is that she knows he wants a newbie to win (he's said repeatedly that of course he wants a newbie to win, i.e. himself), so she's pitching a Newbie alliance of the Adam/Shelly/Kalia/Porsche. All this puts both Adam and Shelly in a great position. They're both in with both sides. Shelly's probably a little better with the girls, but Adam's more likely to win comps than she is. And right now JeJo trust Shelly more than Adam, but Rachel's going to go after Shelly long before Adam.

adam Kalia

In other news, they got a practice apparatus, probably for tomorrow's first HOH. As far as I've heard, no one has guessed yet that it's a FF tomorrow. The scrambling could be fun to watch.

porschepractice comp


Dani and Kalia started packing, and just as I was thinking Kalia's bag was large enough to pack herself in, Porsche apparently got the same idea and climbed inside.

bodybag packer

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