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reversal of fortune

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posted Thursday, 25 August 2011

So much has happened in the last 24 hours that if I tried to do it all justice, I'd be typing until next here goes my best attempt at a quick recap:

Just when we thought all hope was lost for Daniele when she couldn't get Adam to flip his vote, Shelly went to work. She dropped the bomb on Rachel that Jeff had thrown the cornhole POV. You know, the one that led to Brendon's eviction. This was the best way to get to Rachel. Not only would he now be to blame for Brendon getting kicked, but Rachel's all about comps, so a throw is the worst thing ever.

dani rach

Rachel goes and talks to Dani and gets confirmation of the comp throwing, and the conversation progresses to a possible Rachel/Porsche/Dani alliance. Rachel says if she were to vote for Dani to stay, they couldn't tell anyone, and she would pin the vote on Adam. At first, Rachel's not convinced that Daniele really has Shelly's vote, but Dani assures her that they're good. Rachel also asks who's be stealing all the stuff, and Dani tells her that Porsche hid Brendon's toy duck (which Rachel had already recovered; Shelly had told Jordan where it was earlier in the day, and Jordan told Rachel), and that Shelly took Rachel's stuffed puppy. Rachel asked why she would do that and Dani says "because she hates you."


Now, I have to take a moment to comment on PuppyGate. I'm never a fan of the HGs hiding each other's personal belongings. It's childish and petty and has nothing to do with the game. But the BB rule is that hiding stuff is okay, they won't interfere. Destruction of HG property, however, is out of bounds. And Shelly has talked about cutting ears and paws off the puppy and leaving the pieces on Rachel's bed. I have no idea if she was warned not to follow through, and it never went beyond talk, but still. But more to the point, I find this particularly offensive from Shelly. She has her daughter's stuffed dog with her, and if anyone even thought about coming near it, you know she'd be on the warpath. So why does she think it's okay to treat someone else's stuff that way? And even after the story has come out, and Rachel confronts her, Shelly won't admit having it, or even anonymously return it (or at least she hasn't yet). Porsche and Kalia who both know Shelly has the dog, backed her up on the "we know nothing" front.


Anyway. Back to the game. Even by the time the feeds went to trivia this afternoon, it was unclear how Rachel was going to vote, and if Daniele was going to stay. But moments before the liveshow, exec. prod. Allison Grodner (or her intern) tweeted that Shelly had been outed and a fight was underway amongst Jeff, Shelly and Adam. Then the show started with their misdirection making it look as if Dani might stay. But in the end she herself ruined it by giving an eviction speech that gave it all away, throwing jabs at Rachel and getting a look that made it clear that no way was she voting to keep Dani. On top of that, the looks of anger and sadness on JeJo's faces said it all.


So Daniele was kicked 3-2 and got to toddle out to Julie for the first time. Then it was out to HOH for the rest of them and a Before and After comp. Adam went out early on a fairly easy question, and I'm pretty convinced he threw it. Who can blame him? At the moment he's in the best position in the house. It came down to Jordan and Kalia and Kalia won on what she admitted later was a guess. Next it was a kiddie funpark game of hunt for clown shoes for POV, and Porsche pulls out her first win of the season.


We come back from commercial and catch the tail end of Jeff campaigning to Shelly. Her argument against voting to keep him seems to be that Jordan won't talk to her. Jeff makes a cute pitch to Porsche for the POV, spoofing her POV speech when he saved her, and asks her to return the favor. To no one's surprise, she declines, the vote comes to a tie and Kalia kicks Jeff.


The feeds come back to Jordan crying and telling Adam and Rachel how stupid she feels having been so trusting of Shelly and saying nice things about her when probably all along Shelly was saying mean things behind her back. Shelly overhears and says if that's what Jordan thinks, she doesn't know her at all. Jordan comes back with, obviously she doesn't know her. Then Shelly starts screaming at Jordan that she feels like crap too. Huh? Jordan jumps up and tells her that she should feel like crap for voting Jeff out. She says "I gave you the phone call, when I wanted to talk to my family, and this is how you repay me?!" Rachel has to literally drag Jordan from the room, the whole time both Jordan and Shelly are screaming at each other. Jordan says Shelly's been lying the whole time because she wanted to follow Daniele, and that they all act like she's a god, but she's not: "her season was 4 years ago and who cares if her father is Dick?" (That last bit really made me laugh.) Shelly starts feeling sorry for herself saying she knew this was going to happen, that they're acting like it's all her fault. (Um, yeah. That's because it is.)

poor jordan fight

Rachel and Jordan realize they have no chance of anything unless one of them wins HOH. If anyone else wins they're both going up and one will go out. And then whichever is left will be right behind her unless she wins HOH and/or POV the rest of the way through. So, when we come back from trivia for HOH #2 and find Rachel sobbing, we know it's the end of the re-runs. Turns out Porsche won.


Throughout the evening Jordan's been focused on 3 points. First, naturally, she's upset Jeff is gone, but she's also quite legitimately upset about Shelly's betrayal. She really thought she could trust her and she has been defending her when others were doubting. So now she feels duped. Second, she says she only came back to BB for Jeff (Rachel says Brendon only came for her). And third, she keeps pointing out that if she and Rachel go to jury between Brenchel and JeJo, they wil control the jury. I really feel like Jordan will be perfectly fine with walking out the door on Thursday. Of course, if Rachel doesn't win the POV, the rest of them will surely keep Jordan over Rachel.


At this point, I'm rooting for Rachel. If you'd told me 2 months ago that I'd be on team Rachel I would have asked what kind of crack you'd been smoking. But there it is. And my second choice is Adam, who is honestly in a really good position. By voting with the re-runs twice tonight he accomplished two things. First, if Jordan or Rachel does win the next HOH, he won't be their target. And second, if they all go to jury, they'll remember his loyalty. At the same time, he's is good with the newbies so they won't kick him. Plus they'll all see him as a great F2 neighbor since he's won practically nothing, and made no big game moves, all 3 of them probably think they can beat him.


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