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déjà vu all over again

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posted Thursday, 11 August 2011

So, let's review. Two weeks ago, Daniele won HOH, nominated Brendon and Rachel and got Brendon evicted. Then Kalia won HOH with the absolute intention of getting Rachel out. But The Twist freaked them out, and Rachel stayed. Then as the actual consequences of The Twist, Brendon bounced back in. After tonight's liveshow Dani and Kalia couldn't help but think that they'd wasted the last 2 weeks of their BB lives.

brendon rachel

But when they come back from the latest HOH, Daniele's got the key. And she's talking about getting Brendon out once again. Sounds like the plan this time might be to nominate Brendon and Jeff and have Rachel as the repl-nom if one of them wins POV. (Wasn't that the original plan 2 weeks ago?) Of course, that plan doesn't cover Rachel winning POV. In that case, Daniele would probably be happy enough to kick Jeff.

jeff dani

Shelly is super-sad that she didn't win yet again. She tells Jordan that she's started to think that an HOH may not be in her BB destiny. Jordan pep talks her up a bit, telling her that she'll get an HOH at some point, and saying if she ever has the chance, she'll throw one to her. Shelly gets kind of snippy at that saying she wouldn't want to win that way, which if you think about it, ought to kind of offend Jordan since she's had a couple comps thrown to her. But she's Jordan, and takes absolutely no offense, just keeps on spreading sweetness and light.

jordan shelly

So we're back right where we were 2 weeks ago except that Lawon has gone. And Jordan and Shelly agree that if they have the choice, this time they'll kick Rachel. They can't handle Rachel sans Brendon again. And what a difference an HOH comp makes. The ones who were all smiles and cheers 2 hours ago are now moping, and the ones who were hiding under the covers are all smiles. That's Big Brother for you.


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