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what you don't know can evict you

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posted Thursday, 11 August 2011

I don't know where Lawon got the idea that there was some special power coming along with the chance to come back in the house, but that was the crazy thought that sent him out the door. At the last minute today, Daniele and Kalia started to realize how stupid they were being by keeping Rachel, but it was too late. Jeff/Jordan/Shelly were lost causes, and Adam told Porsche he was keeping Rachel because it was better for him to have a big target in the game. This convinced Porsche to float with the masses. So by the time they were chatting with Julie, Dani made it unanimous to avoid being the lone voter yet again.


Then we get the expressions of shock. Best was Rachel when she heard Brendon could be coming back, though she held it too long and it started to look really fake after a few seconds. But the legit reaction rivals BB5 Jase finding out about the Twin Twist, and Boogie when Will was evicted on All-Stars. Lawon's look was pretty priceless too when he realized there was no superpower coming his way, just a competition. Then Julie tells the 4 kicked HGs that the noms were Rachel and Lawon. Brendon was shocked enough to hear Lawon as a nom, but when she said that Lawon had just been evicted, I think he thought he'd misheard her.


Julie tells us there were over 2 million votes cast, then tells Keith and Cassi they lost. It's down to Dominic vs. Brendon (color me shocked). She says it was close, but with over 1 million votes, it's Brendon bouncing back in. Um, okay...either we have different definitions of close, or the rounding is odd. Cassi and Keith got some votes, surely. I would have liked to know the percentages... rounding to the nearest million is not that interesting. In any case, it's a ball toss comp, and we know Brendon's got it immediately. Especially with Cheerleader Rachel helping out HER MAN, Lawon barely had a chance. So Brendon bounces back into the game. Its the best news ever for Rachel, pretty close for JeJo...not too bad for Shelly and Adam. But it's the worst news ever for Kalia and Daniele, and not much better for Porsche.

jeff jordan

Within about 20 minutes of getting back in the house, Rachel speed talks Brendon through the events of the week. They're starting to get suspicious that someone is playing both sides because there's been a lot of information leakage. Brenchel think it's Shelly, JeJo think it's Adam. It is Shelly, but oddly enough, she's legitimately doing it to help them. By staying in good with the other side by spilling some info she gets some back. Problem is that Kalia and Dani know she's playing both sides too, so they're not telling her much.

It's the thrill of victory vs. the agony of defeat in the house. JeJo and Shelly spend some time filling Brendon in on how crazy Rachel's been and how they've all been taking care of her. Rachel's so happy to have Brendon back that she forgets for a few minutes to be mad that they're making fun of her, though she does tell Brendon later about how Jeff was "mean" to her.

shelly adam

The mystery of Jeff's missing underwear is solved. It ended up in Brendon's luggage and he tossed it, thinking it was Dom's. Jeff's surprisingly upset about this.... I mean, seriously, it's underwear. They still can't find the chess pieces and have no clue that Kalia and Dani took them.

porsche dani

Around 8 PM BBT they go off behind the trivia for the HOH comp. I'll be back when we have a winner.


Lines of the Show

Lawon: Lawon is on the block and I love it
Lawon: I have a 99% chance of coming back with superpowers
Julie: What he doesn't know is there is no special power....I know
Lawon: Big Brother, get ready for the performance of a lifetime
Shelly: I didn’t say he volunteered.
Shelly (to Lawon): Well, I know you wouldn’t lie....
Daniele: What’s the bigger crazy?

Lines of the Day

Jeff: I've punched out of Rachel duty.
Kalia: I'm having a major Chima moment.
Brendon: Can you believe America likes me again?
Daniele: It's easy to let this game get to you and not enjoy this experience, but you'll regret it. I did that a lot last time and I regret it.
Brendon: See what a little crying on national TV gets you?
Jeff: Dude, that woulda been so fun if you brought my underwear back.
Shelly: I manipulated both of them like fiddles.
Jeff: I've been on slop all week.
Kalia: You've been on catfish.
Jeff (later, to Jordan): I can't wait to put her on slop.
Jeff: They're the most popular couple in the house. We're second.
Jordan (to Jeff): I don't think I've ever told you, but you've got good lips.

Daily Dose of JeJo


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