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they're gonna think I went CRAZY

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posted Wednesday, 10 August 2011

So says Lawon, and so it is. And I have to say, I don't really see another explanation. We learned from Wednesday's show that Lawon's Pawn Me, Kick Me plan was based on the fact that he honestly believes that not only will he be coming back in the game, but he'll be coming back with some kind of special power. Over the last day or so a number of them have gotten a lot closer to figuring out the twist, speculating that someone else could have chance to return, not just this week's evictee. Rachel and JeJo came up with this at one point and got all excited at the prospect of Brendon bouncing back, but ended up dismissing it as crazy. Daniele and Kalia came up with the same idea, and didn't quite dismiss it since it actually would be their worst nightmare.

lawon kalia

The few totally unofficial and unscientific polls I've seen are showing a lot of indicators that America's Choice could be Brendon. But there are definitely a lot of Dominic and Cassi fans out there. At this point my guess at the order of likelihood for AC is Brendon, Dom, Cassi, Keith. And I'm still strongly suspecting that the "battle" to go back in the house will have something to do with HOH. At last check the HGs weren't on lockdown, making endurance or even a complex skill HOH unlikely.

the gang

Assuming the bouncing HG isn't automatically HOH this week, I'm rooting for Shelly. It would be great for her to get a chance to see her family pics, etc. It's also a great time for her to win without blowing her cover on her multiple alliances. She's made clear to everyone that she's got no use for Porsche, so she can go after her without raising suspicion. Dani/Kalia will want Rachel up, and Shelly could end up going along with that, or she could tell them that she really wants Porsche out so she's not going to risk that by tempting the rest of them with Rachel. I'm not sure who would occupy the second seat if not Rachel. Maybe Lawon if he's still there. If not...who knows. I really don't see her nom'ing Jeff or Jordan. She could always go with either Kalia or Daniele on the theory that they haven't been nom'ed yet, and tell them that they're super-safe. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

jeff shelly

Back to the show, and speaking of Shelly.... how lame is CBS that they completely left out Shelly's master manipulation of Kalia and all the fallout from that? They didn't even give the TVOVs a clue that Porsche was ever considered as a repl-nom. Of course the TVOVs probably barely know who Porsche is. Sure, she was nom'ed week 1, but that was forever ago. These days she's just the girl in the bikini who hosts POV comps.


Back in the house, they had their halfway party, and a few of them noted that nothing was said about jury. This is reinforcing the theory that someone other than this week's evictee could come back, and then the jury would be set. When the feeds came back from being blocked for the party music, Lawon and Dani were chatting about the twist. Lawon's no longer 100% comfortable taking a dive tomorrow, and Daniele is back to thinking they should go back to their first instinct and boot Rachel.

cake party girls

So who knows what the plan is, or how many times it will change before tomorrow. Last night, Kalia and Dani had their chat with Rachel saying they control the votes this week and they'll make sure she stays if she agrees not to target them. They also tell her that if she tells anyone about the deal, it's off. So far Rachel has kept quiet, but it's not really costing her anything. She almost surely has Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam voting to keep her, and it's not as if they're going to be upset with her for making a deal with Dani/Kalia as long as she doesn't turn against them. And if D/K do keep her, there's no guarantee she won't go back on the deal. What would they do about it at that point? To top it all off, Kalia promised Rachel that Daniele wouldn't nom her if she gets HOH next week. As soon as Rachel was out the HOH door, Dani turned to Kalia and asked her why she was giving up so much when they don't need to. She also comments that is she does win HOH she's not sure what she's going to do... i.e. she's not promising she won't put Rachel up.


Late breaking WTF moment: F1/2 around 8:40 BBT, Lawon tells Shelly that he's been "checking in with his job" while in the house, through the DR to find out if he's still "okay" with them. He says that before he went on the show, they told him a bunch of things they didn't want him to do or he would lose the job. He's claiming that yesterday was a checkpoint where he found out he was okay and now he doesn't have to worry anymore. Maybe he's lying (I kind of think he might be since BB's not blocking this) as an attempt to explain his odd behavior over the last few days. If he's not lying, that's just wrong. What ever happened to "no contact with the outside world"?



Line of the Show

Jordan: Right now Adam has more balls than Jeff.

Lines of the Day

Jeff: Brendon didn't leave me the Rachel manual.
Adam: I want someone new to win this.
(true; he wants himself to win it.)

Daily Dose of JeJo


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