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laying low

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posted Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm pretty sure nothing's happened today, though probably as soon as I post this all hell will break loose. But I'm going to be optimistic and hope for a slow day so we can all catch up on sleep.


I can't listen to Kalia anymore so it's always possible there have been major developments in HOH. I actually spent about 20 minutes listening to a feed where Jordan was running a blow-dryer, which is usually a sound that makes me flip feeds super fast (along with chewing and snoring), rather than listen to an actual conversation in HOH among Kalia, Daniele and Porsche.

dani jord

Shelly's still owning them all. She did a mock job interview with Jordan, and then had a chat with Rachel about her job searches and interview experiences. It seemed to the rest of them just a way to pass the time, but, trust me, Shelly was gathering intel. She also told Rachel not to act to sure she was staying, yet don't flip out. She wouldn't promise Rachel she has the votes, but she hinted strongly. She also gave her a heads up that Kalia's coming to her with a deal and is going to ask her to swear on Brendon's life, which Rachel said she won't do. Shelly said, that's fine, just tell them it's against your religion or whatever. But recall that she told Kalia that if Rachel won't swear on Brendon, not to trust her. She's making sure seeds of distrust stay in place.

shel rach

Lines of the Day

Jeff: People who do reality shows are fucking stupid.
Shelly (doing a mock job interview): Are you decisive?
Jordan: Well, I don't know. I'm decisive at work, but I also like consider all my options. So I guess I'm decisive, but maybe not....
(me: I think we have our answer)
Rachel: It's so frustrating that there are people in this game who have done nothing... they barely even do their own dishes.

I don't have a dose of JeJo for you today, but for a great moment, go to F1 around 1AM 8/9 for Jordan the human trumpet. It's hysterical.

trumpet of the jordan

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