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posted Monday, 8 August 2011

Let's see if we can summarize what's happened in the last 24 hours. It won't be easy, but we'll take a shot. First, Shelly gets the idea that it's better for her and her original alliance (JeJo and Adam) if Rachel stays around. She's a bigger target than Big Jeff, and she's a vote for their side, especially if they save her this week. Shelly's also realized she can't trust Porsche as far as she can throw her. So, she approaches Kalia with a plan: Pawn Porsche.

master porsche

Shelly lays out her arguments: Rachel's a "train wreck" so she's probably not going to win stuff. But if she does get twisted back in and manage to win stuff, that train wreck will be heading right at Kalia. If Kalia finds a way to save Rachel, she'll gain not only Rach's support, but JeJo's as well. She's already got the rest of the house, so she'll go from being a top target to near the bottom. The only person who won't like this plan (well, besides Porsche obviously) is Daniele. And Shelly points out that this is a good way for Kalia to prove that she's not just Daniele's puppet.

dani kali

Kalia has also been to the DR and had them read off Julie's announcement of the twist word-for-word about a half dozen times, and she's got it memorized. She's now clear that the statement was that the evicted HG will have a chance to get back in the game. It's still not occurring to any of them that the other side of that chance is a chance for another HG to come back, rather than it just being that no one will come back. A few have thought that maybe over the next 3 evictions one could come back, but nothing Julie said would support that so I don't know where they're getting it from. This twist is so much like BB9 that I'm surprised someone like Adam hasn't figured it out (maybe he has and he's not sharing). While talking with Shelly Kalia comments that if the kicked HG came right back in that would be stupid, and it would mean that her HOH was for naught. Shelly reminds her that this is exactly what happened to Chima. Someone (I think it was Rachel or Jeff) has pointed out that this is probably why they were told before the HOH comp.

jeff rach

Anyway, Kalia is totally on board with Shelly's Pawn Porsche plan and trots up to tell Daniele all about it. She knows she'll have a fight on her hands, but nothing she says can persuade Dani. Shelly had told Kalia that she doesn't need credit for the plan, so Kalia's sharing it as if it were her own idea. She does say she's discussed it with Shelly and has her feedback. Things get a little tense as Kalia starts noting that Daniele's HOH deals were all about Dani, but Kalia's being expected to make deals for both of them. And Dani's getting mad that Kalia doesn't trust her. The alliance is fracturing, and Shelly's downstairs chuckling that her "work here is done."


Then she goes and finds Jordan and they do a little storage room dance. Rachel walks in and they don't want to tell her what's going on so she won't give anything away by acting too confident. Shelly also sends Jeff upstairs to hear the plan from Kalia, but gives him a heads up that it's really her plan. He gets the scoop, but wisely doesn't just jump on the deal, instead telling Kalia that they'll wait and see what happens at the POV ceremony and then for the rest of the week.

jordan twist and shout

Eventually Kalia brings Dani up for round 2 where she proposes a new scenario. They'll pawn Porsche, but it will be a true pawn. They'll tell Rachel she's staying, but then vote her out anyway. As she's leaving Kalia will say "I don't know what happened, I'm sorry." Then if Rachel comes back, she's not supposed to be mad at Kalia. Daniele points out that that's great and all for Kalia, but what does it do for Dani? Kalia desperately tries to come up with some scenario where it works out for both of them, but there really isn't one. They have a few low alliance moments where Kalia is clearly willing to go for a plan where she comes out smelling okay but Daniele gets thrown under the bus. But really, last week things were the other way around, so turnabout's fairplay.


They're really getting nowhere until Lawon comes and joins the pow-wow in HOH. Daniele says, jokingly, that if Kalia's so sure the person evicted is coming back then why doesn't she just go ahead and nominate Daniele. Kalia says that of course she's not 100% sure, she's just worried about what will happen if Rachel comes back in the house. But then Lawon says he'll go up. They first think he's joking, but then realize he's serious, and he's even willing to let them vote him out so that "when" he comes back they don't have to worry.


So today, Jeff vetoes himself and Kalia repl-noms Lawon. She had told him to ask a little surprised and worried because if he seems too comfortable the rest of them will figure something is hinky. But Lawon overplays it and throws a bit of a fit about being nom'ed. He tells everyone he had no idea and he can't believe Kalia would do this without giving him a heads up. Kalia tries to do some damage control by telling everyone that it was discussed, but she never told him it was definite. But people are getting suspicious.

justcuz lawon

Even Lawon seems a bit confused. He comes in to talk to Porsche and Dani, who were both present for the Pawn Me chat and tells them that someone's been telling tales. When they ask what the F he's talking about he goes on and on about people saying he volunteered and who would be that stupid. He's trying to tell them that Adam must have said something. Which would be bizarre since Adam was one of the few who didn't know what was going on. In fact, Adam thought he could be going up.


The funny thing is that Kalia and Dani really think they're still in control. They're sure they have Shelly and Adam on their side and can tell them how to vote. At the moment it looks like Shelly's going to string Kalia/Dani along for the week and on Thursday vote out Lawon with the explanation that she thinks he's America's Player. She's already been planting seeds about this, pointing out all his strange behavior, including the fact that it's really odd to volunteer to be a pawn. She's also suggesting that he's the one who hid all the stuff around the house (interestingly enough, that was actually Kalia/Dani, and I don't think Shelly knows that).


Things could get interesting now. If Lawon actually is the one kicked on Thursday, I think it's more likely that whoever gets AC could come back. If AC turns out to be Brendon and Rachel's still out. On the other hand, if AC is out in a different way. But whatever happens, at the moment, Shelly continues to own them all.



Lines of the Day

Jeff: Rachel was telling a story about herself? And talking about Brendon? There's a surprise. Now she's probably mad about something.
Shelly: You probably shouldn't eat so much fish.
Jeff: It's a week! I shouldn't smoke either.
Kalia (to Lawon): With my luck, I would put you up and you would leave and not come back, but if it were Rachel, her dumb ass would come right back.
Rachel: Did you volunteer to be the pawn?
Lawon: Hell no!
Rachel: That's what I heard.
Lawon: There's something fishy going on.
Daniele: Why were you mad?
Lawon: Somebody's saying I volunteered to go up? That would be the stupidest move ever.
Daniele: I'm confused.
(me too)
[Lawon leaves]
Porsche: What happened?
Daniele: He's on crack.
Kalia: What I'm scared of is Rachel stays and then whoever wins HOH next week won't put her up. Who would you put up?
Shelly: I don't know....Porsche.
Kalia: I know you don't like her, but...
Shelly: I have no problem with Rachel.
Kalia: You have no problem with her?! Or with putting her up?
Shelly: Putting her up.
Kalia (about Rachel): She was so much easier to take when her, like, handler was here.
Jeff: What are you doing?
Jordan: I was gonna make tea.
Jeff: In that? (she has a saucepan) Why don't you use this? (gives her the teakettle)
Jordan: Because I don't know how to make it in there.
Jeff: You've never used a teapot?
(Oh, Jordan... you are too cute for words...)

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