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where's dick?

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posted Friday, 8 July 2011


Mystery of the Missing Evel Dick


CBS announced today that Dick left the show yesterday due to a "personal matter." They say they'll address it on Wednesday's show. We may or may not ever get the real story, and actual reason he's gone doesn't really have anything to do with the game. But human nature being what it is, and crazy BB fans being who we are...enquiring minds want to know the deal. There are basically 4 general theories floating around:

1. It's a twist in the game or a planned move by Dick.

This is popular with some of the more paranoid HGs, but it's extremely unlikely. Dick leaving isn't so much a twist, as it is an incident affecting one player: Daniele. The producers would be risking FCC trouble for fixing the game with a move like that. And it makes no sense that it's a plan from Dick. First place, it doesn't really help Dani, and second place, he's too much of a fan and too much of a competitor to bolt.

2. It's something with his health, but not serious enough for the prods to tell Daniele.

This is mostly based on the fact that a lot of people thought he didn't look so good on the 1st show. Personally, my first thought when I saw him was that he looked a lot older than the last time I saw pictures of him, and that he looked like he'd put on a noticeable bit of weight.

3. It's something to do with his girlfriend, or someone else in his life who isn't related to Daniele.

This is what the HGs are guessing, I large part because they believe that if it were something involving Dick himself or a family member BB would tell Daniele. What they're not realizing is that the HG contract says the producers have discretion as to whether they share that type of info. And they have a history of not passing along bad news.

4. He was disqualified for a video that was posted on

This is a popular one out here. It's about a 2 minute video that was made before they went into sequester, but not posted until after the premiere. In the video Dick explains he's going back on BB, says he just found out the day before, that he intends to be the first 2 time winner, and that RTVZone will be capturing his "Dick@Nite" shows. It is also in the contract that HGs can't reveal they're going to be on the show in advance, and that all media appearances have to be approved by CBS/BB prods for a year after the show. There's also a section prohibiting any HG to have a personal website, or have someone maintain one for them, whether or not it has anything to do with the show, and prohibts having anyone maintain a presence on social networking sites (their example is myspace). While there was arguably some contractual violations, it's not as if the producers didn't know Dick was involved with this site. And the video wasn't posted until after the premiere and there were tons of rumours that the re-runs would be on the show anyway. Not to mention that Dick, and others, have gotten away with more significant violations in the past. (It does say in the contract that producers have the discretion to enforce it or not as they wish.) And the real bottom line is they invited Dick back for a reason...and to boot him does nothing but hurt their plans.

(As a side note, there's a great clause in the contract about the producers having the right to turn any HG's life story into a "stage production." For some reason that amuses me.)

Whatever happened, we all hope it's nothing too serious, and everything works out for all involved.

Update: Sunday, July 10

After the Sunday show aired Dick released a video statement on RTVZone saying that his departure from BB had nothing to do with any of the rumours going around. My personal favorite: "my brother didn't die. I don't have a fucking brother."

Bottom line, he left due to a non-specific emergency with an un-specified person with whom he is very close.

He also took the opportunity to address the rumours that the rift between him and Daniele was fake or being exaggerated.

A lot of people won't believe what he's said, but personally, I do. A lot of his responses to the rumours were exactly what I've been saying/thinking. And as far as how vague he was about the situation, of course it's nobody's business. When we disect the HGs on BB we always point out that they signed up for this. What they didn't sign up for was to have their lives outside of the BB house no longer be private. And certainly the other person didn't give up their right to privacy. Regardless, it's not about Big Brother, so from mybbpov, we're done talking about it.

The issues between Dick and Daniele are arguably still relevant to the show. In any case, I do believe their problems are for real, just as I did the first time around. I think anyone who dismisses their issues based on the fact that they can play BB together has no real understanding of the complexity of some parent/child relationships.

And that's that.

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