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puzzling it out

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posted Friday, 8 July 2011

When we signed off yesterday, Daniele had been called to the DR and the feeds had gone to trivia. The sun was coming up in my part of the world, so I went off to try to get some sleep. Having had about 10 cups of coffee I actually couldn't sleep, so I ended up noticing soon after the feeds came back on around 4:20 AM BBT. At that point we learned that Dick had left the game, and Daniele now has one of the Golden Keys. We still don't know why Dick left, but Dani was told that everyone in her immediate family was okay.


Daniele is not too happy about the development. She'd naturally like to know what's going on, just on a personal level. She's also feeling like this has hurt her game-wise. Even though she has the GK and is guaranteed a top 10 spot, she doesn't have a partner, her alliance has lost a member, and she can't play in the next several HOH and POV comps. Being the Energizer Competitor that she is, I think that last factor is the one that has her the most bummed.


Brendon and Rachel also took Dick's leaving fairly poorly, and apparently even talked about walking themselves. When the feeds returned they were in the middle of a pity party in HOH with Rachel talking about how completely screwed they were. It struck me as a little bit odd, a little bit irrational, and quite a bit self-centered. At first I thought maybe they weren't going to do an eviction this week, so Rachel was feeling like she'd nom'ed people for nothing, etc. (just like what happened with Chima). But then it became clear that the noms stand, POV was proceeding as planned (except Daniele can't play) and there will be an eviction this week. So, yeah, their alliance lost a "number" and 2 HOH/POV players....that's not great for B/R sure, but it's worse for Daniele and it was weird that they were more upset than she was.


Meanwhile, the Newbies started to implode a bit too. Apparently Keith went off accusing Porsche (his partner) and Kalia of playing both sides, and said he "had a bomb to drop" after the POV. It's been repeatedly pointed out that this was an intensely dumb move. By losing it before the POV he's now looking nuts, and has managed to turn just about everyone against him. By today the plan seemed to be for anyone but him to win the POV, then Kick Keith, and let Porsche float along with a GK. Even Porsche seems to be on board with the plan and told Brenchel she'd throw the POV.


Keith and Porsche did have a little heart to heart this afternoon, though it's not clear it was at all sincere on her part. She kept crying and telling him that he'd totally thrown her under the bus. She also brought up his Keith's Angels strategy (which he apparently told everyone about even though the twists have made it totally not feasible). Apparently Keith told her early on that he "like-liked" her, but at the same time was going around flirting with all the other girls, which Porsche did not appreciate. Keith seemed totally baffled as to why this would upset her. Apparently being one of his Angels is supposed to be an honor or something. I dunno.

keith porsche

In other news, the re-runs have named themselves the Dream Crusher Alliance, and are working on pulling enough of the newbies in to give themselves the numbers. I've heard them approach Porsche, Cassi, Shelly, Adam, Kalia and Lawon. Each person they talk to is quite ready to hitch their wagon to the re-run star, at least on the surface. The re-runs aren't all that sure whom they can trust. They are pretty sure that Dominic is with Keith, and they seem to think that they're more solid with Shelly and Adam than some of the others. But in the end, they know it's BB and the truth is you never know who's lying, and about what, or who's going to flip in the end. Plus, it's a looooonnnngggg way to Thursday, so there's no point in trying to figure it out now.

cass lawon

shel dom

They've been on lockdown for around 24 hours, and finally go off to triva land to play veto. Jeff/Jordan were the picked players, and Rachel picked Adam as the host in an admitted attempt to try to further pull him into the re-run alliance (admitted to the re-runs, not to Adam).


When they come back, we quickly learn that Brenchel won. It was some sort of a puzzle game, that involved flying around with the pieces and building the word veto. Sounds an awful lot like the one BB9 Matty/Natty won. This is all leaving the re-runs feeling pretty good about themselves. The "plan" is for Jordan to win the next HOH, leaving Jeff/Brendon/Rachel all eligible to compete in the one after that.


Lines of the Day

Daniele (to Keith): Are you flattering yourself right now?
Brendon: I've never been so stessed out winning
Jeff: I have to get through this week with Jordan on her period. It's gonna be a long week.
Dominic (to Jeff): Are you over 21? Is the salt-and-pepper dyed in?
Jeff: Yes.



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