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let the games begin

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posted Thursday, 7 July 2011

1st shot

Right as the feeds start up we get a few clues that the nominees are Porsche/Keith. The first clue is a storage room pow-wow going on between Porsche and Rachel. Unfortunately, this convo took place on a feed that had no audio. I later got the audio from BBAD (thank god for Tivo) but it still wasn't 100% clear what was going on. Clue #2 was missing keys on the memory wall. After a few hours, we finally get confirmation on the noms. It also seems that pretty much everyone is on a kick-Porsche kick.

porsche memwall

But the nominee question isn't the real puzzler of BB13. It seems that Evel Dick is MIA. Just as the feeds kick in, the HGs are hunting for clues and Adam finds a card saying "Dick" sitting on one of the eviction chairs. After a bit of speculation, Jeff admits to planting the card, but no one knows where Dick is. Throughout the evening there's a lot of back and forth about the Great Dick Mystery. They go from the idea that it's part of the game and keep hunting for clues to wondering if he's sick or there's been some sort of family emergency.

where's dick?

Daniele eventually points out that there's no way he's just been in the DR for 6 hours b/c he'd be freaking out w/o a cigarette. She eventually starts trying to get them to tell her what's going on, and finally they apparently let her know that they'd tell her something after BBAD ends. She's really calm about the whole thing....I'd say not because she doesn't care or isn't worried; it's just not her personality to flip out.

dani dr

As I'm typing this, BBAD ends, Dani's called to the DR and we go to fish.

In addition to the hide-and-seek for Evel Dick, Rachel gets everyone playing summer camp games. They play a round of "find what we moved" and start in on HOH spy cam charades (a hit from last year), but BB makes them hold off b/c they would be using titles and stuff that might be copyrighted. There's lots of talk about various other games, but nothing really sticks and they go back to Hunt for Evel Dick. A few of them start to argue about what BB would do if there was an emergency...would they tell Daniele, etc. and could it be part of the game.


In BB game news, it seems like the newbies have aligned as a group, though Porsche and Kalia seem to be on the fringes of the alliance. There's even some talk amongst the newbies of throwing POV so Porsche gets kicked and Keith gets the Golden Key. The re-runs are also aligned, and Porsche is their first target. If K/P are vetoed, it sounds like they're looking at Cassi/Shelly as the repl-noms, and Cassi would be the target. They're on lockdown and POV is scheduled for tomorrow. It does sound like it's a deal where the pair is veto-able, and the HOH would have to pick a repl-pair (repair?).

cassi shelly

They've definitely played Have/Have-Not and the back bedroom has been converted into a silvery insane asylum look again. There were no real clues on who might be the Have Notties, other than Porsche is definitely not b/c she went to bed in another room.


I've got nothing else for you right now, except it's now been about 45 minutes of fishies...hopefully everything is okay with Dick.

And on a more pleasant note....I'd forgotten how intensely cute Jeff and Jordan always were, and they haven't changed. Brendon and Rachel, on the other hand seem to have changed. They are far less irritating than they were last year, and actually being pretty cute too.

jj brenchel


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