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here we go again

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posted Thursday, 7 July 2011


The fish tank is up and running on the feeds, with the funky BB I'm really ready to get this party started.

But first, the show. (And for the record, Julie's first "but first" was at 2 minutes in, way earlier than last year.) With fewer newbies, we got through the "rush to pack," the summer-camp-get-to-know-you, and the "what I'm lying about" diary room sessions faster than usual. Here's what we know....

The newbies had to pair up, and were warned that though they'd be safe if their partner won HOH, they'd be nom'ed together and have to campaign against each other. The pairs are:

  • Porsche & Keith
  • Cassi & Shelly
  • Adam & Dominic
  • Kalia & Lawon

Then the re-runs showed up, and, no surprises there....Rachel/Brendon, Jeff/Jordan and Dick/Daniele. A couple of the newbies have little to no BB knowledge and didn't know who Dick and Dani were (I think they make the watch recent seasons in pre-season sequester, so they knew Brenchel and J/J.) We learn that Brenchel are now engaged, and Dick and Dani say they haven't spoken in the past 3 years.

Then it's out to hang on bananas and play for HOH. Once again the rumour mill comes through--Rachel wins it. She made a deal with Dick/Dani, who were both still hanging on at the end, that they were safe. But we all know how much deals like that mean.

Next it's on to Twist #3, the only one that was news to those who've been following the rumours. It wasn't the reshuffling of the pairs, but something called the Golden Key. For the first 3 evictions, the person who survives gets a key that keeps them safe until there are only 10 HGs left. I think Julie actually said the first 4 evictions...but after the 4th eviction there will be 10 people left. If they're safe through that week, they're actually guaranteed to be in the top 9 (i.e. making the jury).

It's not at all clear how POV will work...could be that it will save the pair and the HOH will have to nom another 2 people. That's what I'm guessing from the wording of the announcer saying to tune in Wednesday to see if the power of veto will save the nominees. That would sort of make sense in keep with the theme...if the POV works as it has in the past, pairs could end up both staying, and one would have the GK, meaning neither could be nom'ed if they have to be nom'ed as a pair. As always, we'll know when we know.

As I predicted (and thankfully if you ask me) the twists totally destroyed Keith's Angels alliance idea. The newbies sort of agreed to a newbie alliance, and it seemed like Porsche and Kalia were close to making a side deal. Of course, this is all from the CBS edit of day 1, so anything could have happened since...we'll see what's up when the feeds kick in.

Interesting bit of trivia: Shelly was the first in the house, and the first to slip off the banana. Daniele was the last in, and the last (other than Rachel) to drop off the banana.


Lines of the Show

Cassi: I feel like I'm leaving my parents for summer camp.
Porsche (to Keith about pairing): The we have to go against each other, and I like your outfit.
Dominic (about Keith's pair pick): You're not picking a prom date.
Brendon (about proposing): I'm not sure who cried more when I asked her.
Rachel: I'm back, bitches.
Adam (about Dick coming in the house): It was like Tori Spelling walked through the door.
Dick: [I'm] the only winner here.
Jordan: Dick makes me feel like chopped liver, and I hate chopped liver.
Dick: After 3 years of not talking, I end up with my daughter basically sitting on my head.
Jordan: When it comes down to 'we have to win' ... I'm basically counting on Jeff.
Jeff: Jordan is the first to fall off my banana. Big shocker.
Dominic: Don't touch my butt with your head.

I'll be back later with another post and screencaps, once the real show begins.

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