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omg, I have to see this now!

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posted Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The title is a quote from Annie, who filled in for Daniele on the Superpass "Rumor Control" show on Tuesday. Dani allegedly had "skype issues" (and we all know there's no other way to communicate). Alternatively, per Ragan, she had avian flu.

It's a pretty sure bet that Dick and Daniele are back in BB land, or it's the best misdirect ever. Other rumours, claims, and facts we've heard over the last few days are:

  • Will posted on his website that he's "retired from BB"
  • BB11 Natalie posted on Twitter that she and Jessie are not a returning pair
  • Exec. prod. Allison Grodner said in an interview that potential returning pairs aren't necessarily limited to those on the CBS site
  • Lots of speculation that the 8 newbies also know each other
  • BB10 winner Dan got married on 7/2
  • The official CBS Twitter posted a pic of entering HGs on July 2 (w/o last year's fabulous typo of "there in!")


A youtube video from alleged CBS insider "corneroffice" makes the following claims:

  • Returning pairs Dick/Daniele, Rachel/Brendon, Jeff/Jordan and Dan/Memphis all went into the house
  • One returning pair was evicted on night #1
  • There are now 14 HGs.
  • The returnees and the newbies have now been reshuffled into new pairs.
  • The HOH got to pick their own partner
  • Rachel won the first HOH.
  • The video ends asking "Is everything I've told you true? Or am I going to sabotage another season of BB?"

If I had to guess, I'd say it's all true except that Dan/Memphis were never there and no one was evicted night 1, since it would seem that Dan had other plans for move in day.

Mixing up the pairs does make things much more interesting. I'd say it's safe to assume that if Rachel won HOH (which is totally believeable...she'd pretty much have to in order to be safe week 1) and had her choice she'd stick with Brendon. But if everyone else got shuffled, and especially if the newbies have secret partners, that's got big drama potential. And that's what we like to see.

So, rest could be endurance. winky

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