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what's in a name?

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posted Sunday, 10 July 2011

Not a lot to say about the feeds today. They did have the veto ceremony, but the POV wasn't used, so no news there. Porsche's pretty sure she's staying, and doesn't seem to be planning to campaign much, if at all. Keith has said that he will campaign, but has promised to make it all about why he should stay, not why she should go. I wouldn't necessarily trust him on that, and there's a good chance the DR will light some sort of fire under her and some point, so we might get some drama before Thursday. Though no matter which way the eviction goes, the next real excitment will be over who wins the next HOH.


With not a lot on the feeds, we can spend some time on the show. Dick was all over the place on Sunday's show, giving no hint to the TVOVs that he's gone. Regardless of how this season turns out, we'll always be able to wonder how different it would have been with Dick in the house. The H/HN comp was another one of these ridiculously suggestive, in a 13 year-old sense of humour way, things. And we learned that, unfortunately, Rachel still screams in the DR.

bren rach

In alliance news, it turns out that there is a legit thing among Dominic, Keith, Lawon and Cassi. I actually first heard them using the name "Regulators" on the feeds just today, which makes me wonder if editing the show got the DR to ask them/remind them about it. The basic idea of pulling one person from each pair into a side alliance is a good one, so long as their partners don't catch on. It also means if the other 3 stick to the plan and stand by Keith, he's not necessarily as cooked as he might otherwise appear. All other things being equal, you'd think Lawon would be so on TeamPorsche after the blowup yesterday. On the other hand, if he does stay with the alliance, that will give the re-runs and partners (the de-regulators?) a clue that there's something going on.

law reg

The re-runs are actually starting to catch on anyway. They've noticed that Cassi and Dom are making the same arguments, so they're pretty sure they're together. They've also noticed that they can't get commitments from Cassi/Dom to vote as the re-runs want, making them believe they're going to vote to keep Keith. Word has also made it around that the newbies plan to nom Jeff/Jordan if one of them gets HOH. It's not 100% clear if that's actually true, or if they're spreading that story to get Brenchel to relax. If it's the latter, it's not working. Brendon and Rachel figure that if they're not the noms, they're the backdoor plan. In a way they figure it's actually better for J/J to be nominated, and then have B/R win the POV so they're all safe. Of course, that depends on Brenchel getting to play in the veto comp.


It's hard to say what the deal is with Adam. It's true that he is a super-fan, and really did think highly of Dick before knowing he'd be on the season. But that doesn't mean that he'd just swoon and join up with the re-runs. In fact, it makes it just as likely that he's not going to fall for their lines. Though it is a good bet that he won't want them to know this early in the game that he doesn't really trust them, so they've probably got his vote this week at least. This afternoon, the re-runs pulled Adam in and confirmed they have an actual alliance, and asked him to pick a name. Nothing actually came out of it, and it was just a ploy by the re-runs to make Adam feel important.

you're in

So even if we assume Lawon/Cassi/Dom stick with Keith, and Dani/Jeff/Jordan/Brendon will go with Porsche, so they only need to sway one of the de-regulators to go to a tie-breaker. It does seem like they have a good shot at Adam, Kalia keeps saying she'll vote with the "majority" (not considering that her choice may define the majority) and also has mentioned voting with the HOH's wishes. Shelly has made vague promises to the re-runs, but with the newbies she says she'll stay with the original alliance.

shel kalia

In any case, it's a long way until Thursday. So for today, we just get lots of laying around.

church franklin

dani lazyday

jeff jordan

Oh, and foot fetish cam operator is back....


Line of the Show

Dick: If we were playing Big Brother in real life all the time, we'd have a fine relationship.

Lines of the Day

Rachel: Shots are like potato chips. You can't have just one.
Kalia: If you cost me half a million dollars I'm gonna beat your ass in the street.