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posted Monday, 11 July 2011

It's still a long way until Thursday, and still not worth trying to figure out who's going. About the only development today was that Kalia started to put a little plan into action. It's a new twist on the old "pawn me" idea. She's been thinking that it might be good for her and Lawon to get nom'ed next week and get him kicked and give herself the GK. It lets her sit out HOH and POV for a couple weeks, watching someone else pick off a few other HGs. It gets her in good with the re-runs without alienating the newbies, assuming she handles it correctly.


And how she's decided to handle it is to start planting little bugs of "I want to go home" in people's ears. She's also using it as an opportunity to test her fellow HGs. She gave this line to Dominic this afternoon, after telling him that he can't tell anyone else, especially not Cassi and Lawon. She's being careful not to be too over the top with her "send me home" pleas, even coming right out and saying that it's just a thought, and she doesn't want it being held against her if she "changes her mind."

kalia dom

That's all we've got for you. Mostly today was just a big yawn....

yawn yawn

So, we'll go with just a screencap line-up for the day...


por keith

adam shel


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