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posted Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Before we get to the game, let's review the drama from last night. BB gave the HGs a bunch of alcohol...I think I heard someone say 12 beers and a few bottles of wine. A bunch of them played drinking games, and the usual Big Brother wackiness occurred. At some point Brendon retreated to HOH, and when Rachel came up they devolved into one of their bizarre dysfunctional relationship exchanges. Brendon was all pissed off that Rachel was running around being the silly drunk girl with Porsche. His major complaint seemed to be that they were "hiding beers in the refrigerator." (My first reaction to that is that putting beer in the fridge isn't so much "hiding" as it is "storing," but it did turn out that they had stuck them in the vegetable drawer, so I guess "hiding" is valid.) Another major complaint from Brendon was that Rachel had called him "boo-kie" in front of everyone, and he found that "demasculating."

rach bren

Eventually their argument circled around to game stuff, specifically how Rachel isn't supposed to talk to anyone without Brendon present. He keeps telling her that she's too emotional--which is beyond ironic from the guy who gets upset about pet names. He also keeps going on about how they're going to be partners in life, not just the game, and he's "not going to tolerate" certain behaviors from Rachel when they're married. For the most part Rachel just seems confused, and keeps asking what exactly she did wrong.

whine boohoo

Then they came back this morning and revisited the whole fight. This time Rachel stood up for herself a bit more, pointing out that Brendon is treating her like a child, telling her who she can and cannot talk to, etc. But before long they had made up, and the cycle continues.


In game news, someone lit a fire under Porsche and she's finally started to campaign a little bit. Keith's also been making the rounds. If nothing else BB needs footage for Thursday. It's actually kind of hard to say for sure how the votes are going to go. I have some strong suspicions, but it's so early in the season and we haven't gotten enough DR sessions to get a sense of who is straightforward, who enjoys messing with people, and who's just a flat out liar. There's always a possibility that they'll vote tomorrow. Earlier seasons had pre-recorded voting the first few weeks, though recent seasons have done live voting from week 1. They've also been on lockdown for quite a few hours, and starting to wonder if BB is building something major for the HOH comp. If they're locked inside for over 48 hours, look for some cabin fever to set in. [Before I posted, lockdown ended, looks like practice for HOH.]

porsche keith

In Keith's travels, he took some time to talk with Rachel and expressed to her that he feels like he didn't get a fair chance to play. He ended up getting her to feel sorry for him, and she went back to Brendon and told him that they shouldn't be telling people how to vote. He asks if she's been talking game without him, and she quickly says "no, no, he tried to talk game, but I just excused myself from the conversation." Rather than argue with her too much, he goes and gets Dani, who tells Rachel she's crazy. Soon after Jeff and Jordan join them, and the group gets Rachel back to the kick-Keith plan.

jj dani

In other news, Jeff lost himself a number of fans by making comments which seem to indicate he confuses homosexuality with pedophilia. The HGs were talking about various Hollywood urban legends, like whether a Munchkin committed suicide on screen in the Wizard of Oz (not true), or if the Scarecrow has a gun (true), and someone brought up that Dumbledore in Harry Potter is supposed to be gay. Jeff got quite animated saying that's just wrong to have a gay guy teaching kids...he and Kalia got into a rather heated argument. I like Jeff a lot, but he's not perfect (yeah, yeah, I know I said he was a few days ago...but, seriously, no one's perfect)...and his homophobia is one of his major flaws. The worst part is that after BB11 he knows his comments are going to get him in trouble, but he still doesn't seem to get why that is.


The HGs have also been planning a trial to address the disappearance of Franklin the Turtle. They had roles all assigned an some even started getting into costume, but then the golf game appeared, so the trial seems to have been delayed. The re-runs are pretty sure the golf is for HOH, but they're telling the newbies it doesn't make sense for HOH and it must be for H/HN, hoping the newbies won't practice as hard.

golf kalia

We haven't heard much from the Cassi/Dom/Lawon alliance (I haven't come up with my own name for them just yet, and I don't like theirs), but I'm pretty sure they think they have the votes they need. Adam and Shelly are both still in there, but both laying low and telling each side what they want to hear.

dom cass



And Lucky Ducky made an appearance, and made my day.



Lines of the Day

Brendon: I don't have time for crazy Internet stuff, or crazy TMZ scandals.
Daniele: Okay, I think the comment you just made is stupid....saying we shouldn't tell people how to vote is not Big Brother.
Keith: What's the life expectancy of an alien?
Rachel: We're getting a divorce before we even get married.
Porsche (to Shelly about how P. will play the game): My favorite player of all time is Janelle.
(They're friends in real life...which the re-runs know, but I don't think any of the newbies do)
BB (at least 5 times a day): Daniele, please put on your microphone.
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