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posted Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A number of them stayed up until the wee hours of the morning practicing with the golf set up. And then a few who had gone to bed early got up early to get in their own practice time. They're all pretty convinced the set up is for HOH tomorrow. Could be, but you never know. It's always possible that they'll have Q&A for HOH, and the golf is for POV. Remember, the golf HOH Jordan won in her season was originally a POV comp that got repurposed b/c of Chima's exit.

late night golf

The feeds have been having a lot of technical difficulties today, so we've spent a lot of time with sunsets and palm trees, and black screens. Then every once in a while the feeds get into a loop and we hear the same conversation over and over again. The sad thing is that sometimes it takes a while to realize they're actually looping, and it's not just the HGs actually having the same conversation over and over again.

brb blankloopy

The show wasn't too bad, given what they had to work with. I was a little surprised they didn't make clear that they told Daniele that it wasn't an emergency involving anyone in her immediate family. They also glossed over Rachel/Brendon's threatening to DOR (or at least they did if it happened. To be fair that was behind the fishies so we only heard about it second hand.) The Lawon/Keith confrontation was also noticably absent, but that might turn up tomorrow.


It was kind of cute the way they played up both Keith and Porsche being so sure they were safe, and throwing the comp without telling each other. I really don't think Porsche had any idea Keith was throwing the comp. He also talked quite a bit about trying to get Brenchel to use the veto. That might be because he really didn't feel safe by that time, or it could have just been an attempt to get Porsche to say things that could be held against her when he reported back to his teamies.


It does seem to be Keith's strategy to go around telling everyone he's sure he's getting kicked tomorrow. The vote gets worse and worse for him the more time passes. For a while he was sure he was going to go 6-4, the it was 7-3 and most recently I heard him say it would be "8-1" (not sure who he lost track of) with Shelly being the only vote to keep him. Given how much Cassi clearly hates Porsche and their alliance, he ought to know he has her. And Dom, as the founder of the alliance, is definitely loyal to it, so he's solid. But I think Keith's plan is to tell everyone that no one else is voting for him, in the hopes of a.) getting sympathy votes and b.) creating distrust amongst the HGs.

dom cassi

Keith's also told everyone that Porsche's so sure she's staying that she's not even packing. Which is not true, though she's maybe not being as quick about as he was. He says he's all packed and ready to go. Then he pulled Dani aside and gave her his hat and asked that she wear it in rememberance of him for the rest of the season. The tribute clothing things are annoying enough under normal circumstances...but putting in a request that someone tribute you (especially someone who's about to vote to evict you), now that's just silly.


I still don't feel like I can predict who's going. Which is annoying just from the perspective of getting my farewell features ready for the site. Because as players, I really don't care which of them goes. They each entertaining and annoying in their own special ways. As always, we'll know when we know.



Lines of the Show

Porshe: I'm throwing this competition and my partner has no idea.
Keith: I'm throwing this competition and my partner has no idea.
Jordan: I'm doing worse than the person who's throwing it.

Lines of the Day

Keith: You need to win it [HOH]. And then you need to put someone up.
(me: brought to you by the department of the overwehlmingly obvious.)
Porsche: The rumours just keep going in here.
Daniele: Well, obviously. Welcome to Big Brother.
Jeff (about Rachel's dinner concotion): That's like a competition taste.
Daniele (tastes it): That's disgusting. What's in it?
Rachel: It's mustard, honey, steak sauce, hot sauce and cheese.
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