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shock and veto

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posted Monday, 1 August 2011

Taking a light day last week worked out well for us, so we're going to try it again today. The big news in the house is that Brendon did in fact veto Rachel's nomination. They're thinking they pulled off a big shock and awe move, but there was really more shock at the idea that he'd save himself. Brenchel did have a little sit down with Daniele last night and made one last pitch for her to repl-nom Lawon. Their argument was that no one would be mad at her for getting Lawon out and she'd have reformed the re-run alliance and they'd protect her and go after "floaters" (i.e. Kalia). It might have been a good deal if she'd believed it for half a second.

brenchel dani

Later on, Daniele passed this bit of info on to Lawon, so that ought to have reinforced his vote on the kick-Brendon side. But Brenchel has also noticed that Porsche is new best friends with Lawon and they think she might be teaming up with him. This is actually making them nervous that they can't trust her, even though she's saying she's trying to get his vote for Brendon.

dani lawon

After the veto meeting, Brenchel were acting so happy and confident that JeJo stated to get a little nervous. I'm not sure if they really are thinking they're going to pull off a coup and both stay, or if they're just being cocky, or if they've pretty much accepted their fate. Either way, they'll surely try to get votes, and Jordan being worried for once that she's not world's safest pawn will hopefully get her and Jeff campaigning and at least get some drama going for the next few days.

jordan jeff

Lawon, AdamElf and Porsche did a rehearsal for the bachelor/bachelorette parties tonight. They've got all sorts of things planned, and it should be well timed for Showtime, as will be the Trashy Wedding, if it goes off as planned tomorrow.

dancing elf dancing elf

Lines of the Day

Kalia (about Rachel crying at the POV ceremony): Please, there's maybe half a person in here who believes you didn't know that was going to happen.
Daniele: Just because it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, doesn't always mean it's a duck....and in this house it probably means it's a cow!

Daily Dose of JeJo

jejo jejo


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