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I'm not gonna lie

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posted Tuesday, 2 August 2011

....Daniele is playing a great game. (The title is her tag line of the season, just as "honestly" was in BB8.)

queen dani

While having the GK, she stepped up her social game, especially with the newbies and made sure she wasn't just sitting by waiting to play. Sure, she overplayed the Kill Jeff plan, and lost a teamie for it, but she recovered nicely. Coming back and winning HOH is what we expect from Dani, but the way she's handled the week is even better. She nom'ed the power couple, and in the end she's going to get rid of the one she wanted out. She's managed to mend fences a bit with JeJo, and has a solid friend-alliance with Kalia and Lawon. She's in good with Adam, and now she's working a deal with Porsche.


And speaking of good game, who saw Porsche coming? In the last 24 hours, she's come alive. She's getting in good with Dani/Kalia, and now she's got a handshake deal with Shelly. Jeff freely admits he totally forgets she's even in the game, so you can be pretty sure JeJo won't be coming after her. And she's been BFF with Rachel for weeks. Sure, Brenchel are starting to get suspicious of her and the time she's spending with Daniele, but if Rachel wins HOH there's no doubt she'll go after Dani and Kalia for coming between her and HER MAN long before she glances at Porsche.

shelly porsche

Other than that subtle game play there's not much to report today. It's pretty much a sure thing that Brendon's walking the plank on Thursday. He's been doing some quiet campaigning nonetheless, and he might step it up a bit tomorrow. I wouldn't hope for much drama though. It's pretty hard to campaign against Jordan. About the most likely surprising move from her would be if she would pass out during the live show due to malnutrition. She's had nothing but pickles and protein shakes for days because she can't stand the seaweed and sardines and the slop makes her sick.

pickledjordan jeff

The trashbag wedding is scheduled for ShowtimeTime tonight and that could give us some entertainment. The pseudo stripper dances from Porsche and Adam last night were good for a few minutes of laughter, mostly because Brendon stared more at the Elf than at the hot girl.

hg elfdance


Lines of the Day

Brendon: Kinky People Come Over for Group Sex
(mnemonic for Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus, Species....who says BB isn't educational?)
Jordan (to Brendon): I didn't know how funny you were.
Jordan: I know you're just kidding, but people don't know you're kidding.
Jeff: What people?
Jordan: Out there.
Jeff: What do they think I am, a pervert?
(me: well, these are the same people watching you shower)

je jo

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