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drive-by shouting

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posted Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I was going to make today's entry about last night's trashbag wedding, which was one of the best things that has been on the feeds ever.... but I'm too tired, and there's a few other things to cover, so that's just going to have to go into a special Brendon farewell post this weekend.


And, yes, I'm sure he's leaving. Brenchel have done some pretty hard-core campaigning today, but I don't believe it's getting them anywhere with votes. Shelly gave them a nice pep talk, and even said she doesn't want to see JeJo win again, but she's told Jordan she *does* want to see them at the end. (I think this is the first time I've caught Shelly in an outright lie.... I'm pretty sure the lie is to Brenchel, but it could be the other way around.) They've also been working on Adam, who's not really telling Brenchel one way or the other what he's thinking, though he has promised Jordan his vote.

shelly adamelf

Daniele did her HOH blog, and came down and mentioned to a couple of them that she'd done shoutouts to their loved ones... specifically she told Shelly that she'd reminded her husband to put a heart on their daughter's hand for the first day of school (family tradition). Shelly got all choked up about it, and when Rachel saw this she stormed off to the DR. She came out a few minutes later and marched right up to HOH and angrily asked Daniele why she'd say such a thing to Shelly when they weren't allowed to do shoutouts in HOH blogs. Dani responded that no one had ever told her that; she's done them before, and she told Shelly what she did because it was true. It then turned into a little bit of a "my comp. record can beat up your comp. record" but Daniele really didn't want to get in to it. She told Rachel to get out of her room, and then they both stormed out.

dani madgirls

Dani went straight to Shelly to defend herself, and Shelly might have misunderstood for a second and thought Dani was saying Shelly had complained to Rachel. That got cleared up quickly; Daniele said she knew it wasn't coming from Shelly, she just wanted to be clear that the blog stuff wasn't about the game. (Which, let's be honest, isn't entirely true, but I still believe Daniele did it primarily to be nice.) Next thing we know Rachel and Brendon are both shouting at Daniele about the whole thing.


Meanwhile Jeff and Jordan have heard from Shelly some of the things that Brenchel said about them, and are waiting for a minute to talk to them. So, basically in the middle of blog-gate Jeff sits down and has an impressively calm exchange with Brendon. Jeff says that he understands they're just trying to get votes for Brendon to stay, but when they go around talking crap about their supposed teamies, it makes them look bad. And Rachel's temper-tantrum over the blog just reinforces that appearance.

brenchel jeff

We then get into irony overload as a sobbing and sniffling Rachel spends at least an hour ranting about how she can't believe Daniele would use emotional manipulation in this game. It's just so wrong, etc., etc.


In other news, a number of people caught a slip up (or was it?) on CBS' site with a premature posting of tomorrow's vote to bring an evicted HG back. There were 2 versions spotted, one with Jordan and one with Brendon in the 4th spot. We'll get the real deal tomorrow...and a chance to bring back another MyBBPOV feature, Vote Early and Often.


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