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hey big brother, what have you done?

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posted Sunday, 31 July 2011

Not much happened gamewise today. JeJo did have a check-in with Daniele and the plan still seems to be that Jordan will be the repl-nom and fill her usual role of the pretty little pawn. Brenchel are getting a little suspicious because Jeff and Jordan both seem a little too comfortable. They've decided that clearly JeJo and Dani made a deal (which they did) and that Porsche will now be the repl-nom (which she won't). There were some suggestions that Porsche go up, but Daniele realizes that could end up backfiring. Daniele figures Jordan is guaranteed safe if Shelly and/or Adam will vote to keep her. Kalia/Dani are a little suspicious that Shelly has a deal with Brenchel, but of course JeJo know they have her vote. But they don't want to give away too much, so they suggest that Daniele talk to Adam and make sure he's on board, which he later assures her he is.

jeff pretty pawn

adamelf dani

They got a rare SoCal summer rainstorm this morning, which had Brendon running around like a little kid. But the rain cleared up pretty quickly and your regularly scheduled programming of bikini Sunday proceeded as normal. I don't think Porsche's gesture is significant, but you never know.....


porsche rachel


They've also started planning a Big Brother wedding for Brenchel. The evening's entertainment was dress-making and flower decoration. The bachelor and bachelorette parties are scheduled for tomorrow, and the wedding itself for Tuesday. It will acutally be kind of impressive if they're all getting along well enough to go through with the whole plan.

bridechel train


Lines of the Day

Brendon: I'm going to go wake everyone up and tell them it's raining.
Rachel: Porshe's going up, they've obviously made a deal.
Jeff: Rachel thinks this is her real wedding.
Rachel: This is going to be a trashy wedding.
Adam: You don't know how many times I've put on Big Brother and it's the end of 60 minutes, and I'm like 'fuck!'....I know, I'm a wackadoo.
Kalia (about the veil): I have to make sure it doesn't look like a Klan hat.
Kalia to Shelly: Is there like a mom class you take to learn how to do all this?

Daily Dose of JeJo


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