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posted Saturday, 30 July 2011

So, this week we have Daniele, who won 5, count 'em 5, POVs during season 8 and hasn't yet had a shot at one this year as HOH, and Brendon, who won 3 POVs last year, and 2 out of the 3 already played this year, as a nominee. Whatever happened, this was likely to be a battle for the veto. Then this morning Jeff, Porsche and Adam were picked as the additional players. Jeff wants to win to be absolutely sure he's not going up as a repl-nom, Porsche wants to win for the same reason, and possibly to be able to save Rachel. Adam really probably couldn't care less.

So they go off behind the trivia and when the feeds come back we find that Brendon has won yet another veto. Shelly is already in talking to Daniele, asking her who she wants to see go, Brendon or Rachel. Daniele doesn't really answer except to say that she's sure Brendon will use the POV to save Rachel. When Shelly leaves, Dani tells Kalia that she doesn't trust Shelly. They're wondering if Shelly's got a deal with Brenchel. Daniele then says that she really doesn't want either Jeff or Jordan to go, and maybe she'll pawn Shelly so they don't have to worry about how she'll vote. The only issue is that Dani made a "safety deal" with Shelly (of course she also made one with JeJo).


Meanwhile downstairs Brenchel are sniffling in the HN room. Rachel says she's not sure she can work with Jeff, that he's not really on their side. Brendon tells her that she'll be fine, she can still win the game, implying that he's planning on veto'ing her. They go into hyper-whisper mode, but he definitely tells her that he's going to veto her, and if he does get kicked it will be okay because he can go home and work on his PhD research. But he also says that they shouldn't tell anyone that she's being saved and let them all believe he's using the POV on himself. They both agree that they can't trust anyone but each other. They then start moving around the house telling others he's going to save himself and even having whispered conversations that no one else can hear about using the POV on Brendon. I really think they're doing that last bit just in case someone happens to overhear them, and maybe even hoping someone will to give their mislead more credibility.

In other news, Jeff is beating himself up over not winning. Apparently he was a very close second, missing something by "2 seconds." It sounds like the comp. had something to do with guessing or wagering times and then re-running bits from some earlier comps of the season. It sounds like the one that tripped up Jeff (perhaps literally as they keep talking about him falling at one point) was the week 1 H/HN cow comp, because a number of them have said if he only "soaked his back" he would have won.

A little later Rachel and Porsche have a check-in and Porsche asks why Brendon didn't let her win the POV. She says she could have saved Rachel and been safe herself. Now she thinks she's in danger of going up. Rachel doesn't really think so, but Porsche explains that Daniele really sees her as in an alliance with Brenchel so she might just toss her up on the block. I think there's almost no chance of this since Daniele doesn't want to risk both Brendon and Rachel staying in the game and if Porsche's nom'ed there is a small chance she'll get kicked.

But then Kalia trots up to HOH and starts laying out plans for Daniele. On the one hand, she's all about how untrustworthy Shelly is and sort of pushing for a pawn Shelly plan. Her major point seems to be that Shelly had the audacity to suggest during the veto comp. that Kalia should cheer for Rachel. The fact that Kalia's upset about this is just the ultimate hypocrisy when not 24 hours ago Kalia was going on and on about how no one cheered for her during the HOH comp. When Daniele shows some reluctance to nom Shelly, Kalia starts talking about nom'ing Porsche. At this point I start to wonder if this isn't a plan on Kalia's part to sabotage Dani a bit. As I said, nom'ing Porsche is risky. There's a chance she could go and then Daniele would have both Rachel and Brendon coming at her, and everyone else would be able to say "hey we voted to keep you, you can't be mad at us." And even if Porsche doesn't go, Daniele's got more problems. First place, Porsche's now mad at her and even more firmly aligned with Rachel (or Brendon on the off chance that he does veto himself). Plus it looks like she's made a deal with Jeff and Jordan and that's why she didn't nom them.

lawon kalia

Somehow the story that Kalia was talking smack about Shelly got back to Shelly so she marches up to HOH and basically kicks out Lawon and Kalia so she can talk to Daniele. It kind of made my day the way she tossed them out of the HOH room that Kalia's been acting as if she owned. In any case, she tells Daniele that she does not have a deal with Brenchel and that the whole cheering thing is just that she cheers for everyone. She also points out that Kalia was upset about what happened at the HOH comp and in fact had complained to Shelly and asked why people don't like her more. Shelly tried to give her some advice, and at the POV what she said to her was "now's your chance...cheer for someone you don't like." In the end, Daniele assures Shelly that they're all good and tells her she won't be pawned.


JeJo haven't really had a chance to talk with Daniele, but it does seem like the most likely scenario will be for Jordan to be the repl.nom. This actually works out well for everyone (well, everyone except Brendon). Jeff can vote to keep Jordan without clearly "betraying" the alliance with Brenchel. Everyone else with the exception of Porsche will keep Jordan over Brendon or Rachel. Daniele can justify noming Jordan without looking like she has a deal with JeJo, if she really cares. And more importantly, she can ensure that whichever half of Brenchel is on the block goes. Daniele will be happier to get rid of Brendon b/c she does see him as the bigger threat in comps. But if it ends up being Rachel who gets kicked, that will be just fine with her too.


When it comes time to use the veto, I say it's a sure thing that Brendon will play the knight in shining armor role and save his queen Rachel. It's the only move that makes sense. Rachel's the one who really wanted to come back to BB, and Brendon does have something to do outside of the house. But more importantly, he'll look like a total douche if he leaves her up on the block and saves himself. The rest of them get this, and figure the only reason they're talking about using the veto that way is that for some reason they think Rachel would have votes to stay where Brendon wouldn't. Which is just crazy, but whatever.

There was one slightly amusing moment today when Shelly crawled under the hammock where Kalia was snoozing and scared the crap out of her.



Lines of the Day

Jeff: It's bad enough when you have to worry about keeping yourself safe. It's worse when you have to worry about two people.
Kalia: Too many of my stories start with 'I dated this guy...'
Lawon: If I eat that slop I'll look like damn Skeletor.
Kalia: "What I need from shelly this week is a vote."
(me: Um, Kalia, you're not HOH.)
Daniele: "I need to talk to Jeff and Jordan, I need to talk to Adam, and I need to threaten Lawon's life."
Shelly: I'll send those two (K&L)back up here.
Daniele: Whatever.

Daily Dose of JeJo

(This seems to have become a feature. smile)



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