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posted Friday, 29 July 2011

I know I've said it before, but this time I really mean it...I'm not watching the pre-season interviews ever again. I will glance through them just to get names and faces and maybe some basic facts, but I'm not going to listen to anything that will allow me to even think I have a first impression. Because for some reason my first impressions of BB players never seem to match up with how I ultimately feel about them.


I tried to only skim the pre-seasons this year, but I ended up listening to Kalia's whole interview and thought I was really going to like her. But she has now become my least favorite BB13 HG. I was originally thinking she was tied with Brendon, but he only irritates me personally, and Kalia is getting on my nerves both personally and in a game way. She gets all indignant when someone accuses her of lying, despite that fact that she is lying. Lying is a legitimate part of BB, but if you're going to do it, embrace it. And then she turns around and goes on and on about how Shelly is this huge liar. Huh? Shelly? Seriously? Shelly is super careful about what she says and doesn't say, and goes to great lengths to not actually lie. She'll let people assume things and maybe even say things to deliberately mislead people, but she feels she has too much at stake outside of the house to compromise her integrity inside it. Sure, she's playing both sides, she's just doing it really, really well.

shel kalia

Kalia also gets mortally offended when someone calls her a floater. But that's exactly how she's been playing. She was all up in Jordan's business when she was HOH, climbing into the bathtub with her and so forth. But as soon as Jordan was back down with the rest of them, Kalia was plotting to help kick Jeff. And now she's hitched her wagon to Daniele's star and is making herself more than comfortable in the HOH room. I think Kalia's spent more time in the bed than Daniele has. Kalia seems to think that just because she did well in the HOH comp means she's not a floater. Newsflash: Floating doesn't have anything to do with comps. It's about drifting to where the power is and/or sliding by under the radar. True, floaters usually don't need/bother to win comps, but being able to doesn't prove you're not one. And in other coup d'HOH news, Lawon has taken possession of the bathrobe (to be fair, Dani did give it to him...but is anyone else having Dustin flashbacks?)

king lawon

Okay, that rant when on longer than expected. So, back to the game. Most of the day was taken up by everyone rotating in and out of the HOH room to make their pitch to Daniele. First up was Shelly, who pretty much just wanted to make sure that JeJo were safe. Daniele did mention something about no one cheering her on during the comp when they were all going on and on about how great Shelly was doing. Shelly told her that she did say something about 'great job Dani' (true--I heard it) and Dani said she'd missed that, but appreciated it. Shelly also said that it was a bit embarrassing for her how they were all making such a fuss over how she was doing and snubbing Dani/Kalia.

dani shel

Next up were JeJo themselves. Daniele assured them that she meant what she had said last night about not targeting them, but she wanted a one week safety deal for herself in return. Jeff said he was on board for that, but managed to phrase it in such a way that he could go back to Brenchel and not have it sound like JeJo had abandoned them. He came right out and told Daniele what he was going to say to Brenchel to not make it sound like they'd made a deal. He also went out of his way to say that he wasn't throwing anyone under the bus, and he didn't want to know anything about her plans. Basically Jeff and Jordan both just said that they'd wait and see what Daniele does...if she does keep them safe for the week they'd honor the deal, but if she doesn't, obviously they had no deal. Later on JeJo confirmed with each other that they'd happily nom Daniele next week regardless of any deals.


jeff jordan

Round three was Adam Elf (elf costume courtesy of the HOH comp snowball). It's always fun watching someone in a costume trying to have a serious game talk. Adam's basic point was that he wants to be in the game and just play for as long as he can. Dani tells him that he's someone she wants on the jury because she knows he's the kind of person who will vote for the best player in the end, not the person he liked best or as "revenge" or anything. It's kind of a backhanded compliment. Basically she's saying he's not good enough to make it to the end, but she'll keep him around and ditch him at the last minute. But he's fine with that. Anything that keeps him in the game is good....for now.


Brenchel comes in for their conference and they try desperately to repair their alliance with Daniele, but it's pretty much beyond hope. Brendon attempts to restore the re-run alliance by saying that even if one of them gets knocked out, Daniele would be better off with the remaining 3 than with Kalia, Lawon, and whatever other newbies she's got in her back pocket. He also says that if all 5 make it to jury, that's more votes at the end if one of them ends up in F2 against a newbie. Daniele counters that Rachel threatened her yesterday that if she booted one of them she'd lose the other 3 jury votes. Brendon has already chastised Rachel for this, and Dani's bringing it up led to an awkward moment as Rachel tried to backpedal. Rachel explains that "someone else" told her to use the jury vote card, and the fact is she'll always vote for the best player, that she's all about kicking out the floaters. Brenchel's hope is to somehow get Daniele to nom Lawon and/or Kalia and keep all the re-runs in the game. There's about as much chance of that happening as there is of Brenchel going 24 hours without an argument.

brenchel deal brenchel

Brendon also goes on quite a bit about how if you make the wrong moves you lose popularity, and won't have shot at the fav. HG prize. Brendon has some crazy idea that if he'd kicked Britney last year instead of Matt that he (Brendon) would have won the $25K instead of Brit. I'm not sure what planet he lives on, but whatever. Daniele is so uninterested in anything they have to say that after they leave she turns to camera and "shoots" herself with a finger gun.


Last up is Porsche. She's parannoying a bit because she heard a rumour that she was on the radar because she didn't jump on the Save Dom train. Daniele pretty much tells her she understands why she did what she did and they're all good. Porsche does take the opportunity to take some jabs at Kalia, explaining that a lot of what made her wary of joining the team was that Kalia was pushing her way too hard, when she'd barely spoken to Porsche for the previous 2 weeks. She also tells Daniele that she knows that Dani spilled the fact that Porsche knows Janelle and suggested that the newbies use that to recruit her. Then when Kalia told her she "could be like Janelle" she knew it was true and she was pissed. Daniele later relates this to Kalia, and says that she couldn't really say anything because she did in fact do what she was being accused of, and warned Kalia that she'd overplayed her hand with Porsche.


Anyway, they go off behind the trivia and come back with Brenchel on the block. Even with the veto, it's a good bet that one of them is going home. Daniele has told JeJo that if the POV is used she's going to pawn Jordan. In a way, the best we can hope for is that Rachel is vetoed and Jordan is pawned so Brendon goes for sure. If they both stay on the block it could go just like last year...even if they ask the HGs to send Brendon out, they'll kick Rachel.


In other news, they got the Have Nottie food of the week: sardines and seaweed.

nottie s&s


Lines of the Day

Daniele: I don't care about America's Favorite.
Rachel: I forget about trust issues in a heartbeat. Trust me.
Jeff: Porsche's going banana pancakes down there.
Brendon: We've obviously said enough.
Rachel (to Brendon): I just fight so much better with you.
(me: uh, you might want to rephrase that.)
Brendon: You want to go to war and you picked Kalia and Lawon as your fucking foot soldiers? They maybe make up one whole player between the two of them.
Rachel: Did you cry in the diary room?
Brendon: No, I'm a man, why would I cry? <pause> Okay, I teared up a little bit.
Kalia (about Rachel): Oh I can't wait for the day that I can hurt that little girl's feelings. Which makes me not a nice person, but I don't care.
BB: Jeff, please go to the Diary Room.
Kalia: He like just came out like 10 minutes ago. I swear, if Jeff has like some weird power and uses it I'm going to go crazy.
Daniele: On Wednesday, he went to the DR 8 times in 6 hours.
(me: You counted? Seriously?)
Daniele (about Adam Elf): He's like a toy!
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