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posted Thursday, 28 July 2011

Livefeeders have been getting ready all week for the anticipated first endurance comp. of BB13, and we weren't disappointed. But first, we had a liveshow.

There was some slightly creative editing around the house meeting/fight, mostly just to make it seem that everyone was there at the same time. They got most of the important comments, especially hitting on "Rachel, you're an idiot" not once, but twice in the first 20 minutes of the show. I'm not entirely sure why they left out the almost flip of the vote. Come on BB, where's the misdirection I've come to expect? Oh, right, I'm supposed to be expecting the unexpected. Anyway....they had enough material.


Dominic made his promised eviction speech, calling the rest of them spineless and/or bullies. It was tough, but not really bad. Shelly later commented that he'd been "classy" up to that point and blew it at the end. While I wouldn't call his speech "classy" we've certainly heard worse over the years...and if he does get twisted back into the house, that speech won't sink him. And after the almost flipping, or at least the almost tie-breaker, in the end they all, other than Daniele, did chicken out and "vote with the house" and Dominic was kicked on a 7-1 vote. He trotted out to Julie, stopping to not only high-five, but hug, some audience members. Did a decent little Julie chat (which he'd rehearsed a bit before leaving) and then got some awesome goodbye messages. Most notably, Jordan parodying Rachel's "nobody comes between me and MY MAN." It was even more of a guaranteed classic with Jordan laughing at the end, and Dom's comment that it was awesome.


Next, Julie de-coupled them and sent them out to play HOH. The apparatus was basically a re-vamping of last year's surfboard comp. As soon as I saw it, I knew we'd be hearing from Brendon all week about how it was unfaaaaiiirrrr to the big-footed. And then Shelly made my night at one point during the comp by asking him "how you doing over there, bigfoot?"



You had to figure Daniele had this comp from the one beats a Donato when it comes to endurance. Shelly did seem to be giving her a good run and for a bit I was thinking it would come down to who wants it more. For Shelly it was all about seeing pictures of her family and getting a letter, for Daniele it was all about the game. In the end, I'm not entirely sure Shelly didn't throw the comp. As much as she did want the HOH perks, she's playing the game too (and playing it really well). If she'd won, she'd have to really pick a side and I'm not sure she's ready to do that just yet. And everyone who isn't Brenchel and Jeff knew they were safe this week.

A rundown of the timeline and prizes/punishments:

  • 6:52 BBT - comp starts

  • 7:15 BBT - feeds back, Lawon down, Adam down...looks like Adam had just come off. Lawon's a Have-Nottie, and Adam's getting an elf suit (cannot wait to see that one!)

  • 7:27 BBT - Brendon jumps off. Jeff tells Jordan if Brendon doesn't get the $10K he's jumping. He's hurting and knows he isn't going to last. Jordan tells him she's fine, go for it. Brendon gets the second HaveNot card.

  • 7:43 BBT - Jeff jumps, and gets the 10 grand.

  • 7:49 BBT - Jordan falls and is the 3rd HaveNot

  • 8:08 BBT - Porsche jumps/falls

  • 8:18 BBT - Shelly comes off

  • 8:29 BBT - Kalia finally jumps giving HOH to Dani (we all knew Dani had it wrapped, Kalia should have ditched as soon as Shelly was off)

  • 8:30 BBT - Daniele is the new HOH, Rachel begrudgingly hands over the key.



comp shel

jeff jeffalls

jordfalls dani

shelfalls F4


Other than some dancing in the storage room with Dani and Kalia, there's not a lot of celebration right off the bat. Jordan's upset, feeling that she should have hung in the comp. longer. Daniele tells her that she and Jeff are not in danger, saying " I apologize for before and you two are staying, I promise, okay?" Jordan seems to believe her, but when she passes this along to Jeff later, he says he's not buying it, but that's okay, he's got the POV. He also says that he does better when he's the underdog anyway (too true...and he's more entertaining). And he's got $10K, so it's hard to be too depressed.

dance 10k

Daniele tells Kalia that Brenchel are going on the block and that she has her whole nom speech already planned out. Her plan is to try to work out a safety deal for next week with JeJo. She also says that she's pissed at Lawon, though I didn't quite catch why. I think it was because he didn't stick with Operation Save Dominic, but then again, neither did Kalia, so who knows. And later on Daniele has a little chat with Rachel and tells her that the noms aren't set in stone and they can talk.

rach lawon

Personally, I've always said I'd love to see Rachel play BB without Brendon, and that's what I hope we get out of this week. That and no click-talk whispering from Daniele. Hopefully she'll feel like she can talk at full volume, or at least human-audible whisper volume, in the HOH room.


I've not been doing well with collecting lines of the day or lines of the show recently. So instead I'm going to jump up on a non-game soapbox for a minute. Kalia has been the worst offender this season for getting the feeds blocked due to singing. She's mentioned that she's been warned by the DR to knock it off or risk a penalty nom. Don't hold your breath on that one...they'd never be able to make it comprehensible to the TVOVs. I say they should start fining them for singing. The penalties for copyright infringement under US law start at $750 per incident, which, coincidentally enough, is one week's stipend for a hamster. A $750 fine would put an end to all this. What got me thinking about this tonight was that Kalia kept breaking into song during the comp. The feeds would be blocked for a few seconds and one time when they came back it seemed she'd been yelled at by the prods. Her comment was that she thinks they always notice her singing because she "can actually sing" so her voice stands out. Uh, no sweetie. They notice you singing because it could cost them money. And it annoys the livefeeders. So knock it off!

please stop singing!

Okay, jumping off the soapbox now.

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